WooHoo Hostel Madrid

WooHoo Hostel Madrid

Room for 2 people – 45€/night So this is our room. That’s not a shared room in a hostel, it’s private and it has a private shower, but no toilet. So this is the entrance room is really tiny ventilator and a lamp combined … the main thing here is a TV! and here we have ugly hanger … “super huge” table! metal nightstands from Ikea the bed is also the cheapest one nightstands sound like tins … the biggest disappointment is that there are only 2 electric sockets so you have either bedside lamp on or charge your mobile windows … old… “super thick” … and “super energy-efficient” and you can even open them so that’s the view kinda closed there is even a radiator and it’s even heating a bit “super wardrobe” … with not really comfy access but at least it’s here so everything is … shabby … crummy this is not another wardrobe, this is a shower *rusty hinges all that doesn’t look nice so here we have just a “huge” bathroom washbasin … just “massive” like this … and here we open the tap …. and we can put one hand here “very comfy” the soap dispenser doesn’t work so here a stand and my shoulders don’t fit some mold in the corners… but that’s OK 🙂 so … something like this … *hallway to the shared bathroom

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  1. Так а сколько стоил номер? Если 30-40€ то нормально)))


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