Unboxing and Assembling the Hypop ‘Studio Buddy’ Photography Studio Tent Box

Hi, I’m Caroline and in this video,
we’ll be unboxing and looking at the Hypop LED
Portable Studio Range. The Studio comes in three different sizes
40, 60, and 70 centimetres. Today, we’re looking
at the 40 centimetre, but all of these things
apply for the entire range. Let’s see what’s inside the box. The Portable Studio
tent allows you to take professional quality
product photos and comprises of
the tent itself with inbuilt lights, power cables, a light diffuser,
and four-colour backdrops. Setting up the tent is simple, just open up the flaps
to turn it into a cube. There are two openings
to shoot the camera through. The small one is at the top
and the larger one is at the front. Also, on the top,
there are inbuilt lights that you can power
using the included power cable. There are inbuilt LED lights
which can be a little bit harsh when placing it directly
onto your product photos, so we suggest using the diffuser
which can be attached simply by sticking it
onto the Velcro edges. There are four background colours included
black, grey, orange, and white. To mount the backdrop,
simply open the top and front flaps and use the Velcro
corner tab to attach. You’re now ready to take
professional quality photos. Looking at the- The portable studio tent, sorry.
It didn’t make sense

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