Thomas Sadoski Explains How Far $1 Goes For Refugee Families

– Thomas Sadoski, y’all! (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) – How are you? (crowd cheering) – You’re right here, Thomas Sadoski! – Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi! – Have y’all met before? Y’all met before – I think so, I think in passing, at some point.
– In passing definitely, – We’ve orbited each other.
– That’s such an L.A. thing, in passing!
– I’m sure we’ve been at the same restaurant. – And awards show, probably. – Probably, undoubtedly at an awards show. Yeah I’m sure, I’m sure. – Were you at that one party?
– Just that one – But, you are actually both
from Aaron Sorkin dramas, and I hear that he actually doesn’t allow you to change one word of the script. Is that true? – Well I think part of the reason- we can break our anonymity. Part of the reason that we know each other is that Elizabeth and I are both in ASA, which is Aaron Sorkin’s Anonymous, (audience laughing) It’s sort of the recovery program that comes from having to learn… – We are here for you. – Thank you. – My thing though, is I
have the worst memory, so it’s like you couldn’t
mess up one word? – No.
– Oh my gosh! – My first day shooting, he came up to me. I had this monologue, and he came up to me in the midst of shooting it and he grabbed me and said
man, it’s going great! Listen, in the middle of the speech you’re saying and instead of but. Just keep an eye on that. – Oh my god, that’s like what they do with singers in the studio. There are certain
producers, like literally, they want it exactly, they don’t want any part of your soul involved in the song. – Like it changes the
context of the sentence, and I had to be mindful of it. – No, that might work actually in acting and playing a role, but like in singing you’re always like, or I could just insert my actual being at some point, but fine. (laughing) – But in an actor, I
guess it’s not your being. You’re being someone else. – Sure yeah, there was one day I remember, when it was particularly a long day, and at a certain point my tongue just sort of wrapped around
itself, like 15 times, and I just looked at
the camera and I said, Sorkin, Bot is powering down, and I went back to my
trailer for a little while, ’cause I couldn’t take it anymore. – [Kelly] To just decompress – Because he broke me.
– He broke you? – But you know what, you’re still here, and that’s what’s important. – You’re still here.
– Right? (crowd cheering) – I loved the News Room though! – Thank you, I do too, I loved it! – I really loved the News Room. It was one of my favorites, I was so sad when it didn’t come back on. – [Elizabeth] So sad.
[Thomas] Me too. – [Kelly] Everybody can suck it. I loved that show! To switch topics, this
is actually really cool. So, you’re helping
families through your work, Its called INARA, right?
– INARA – I always mess up any
kind of foreign names. – It’s an organization,
actually Amanda and I both sit on the board of directors of it. We provide life saving and life changing medical care to refugee children who are injured as a result of conflict. (crowd cheering) – [Kelly] That’s so cool, man! – Yeah, it was started by
Arwa Damon. who is up there. She’s CNN’s chief Middle
East correspondent, and when stuff goes down
and you’re watching CNN, she’s the one in the
hat and the flag jacket who’s reporting from the ground. She started it after being on the ground for years and years and years, and watching all of this horrible stuff. – [Kelly] I bet when you’re
in it like that, it’s a daily. – She felt like she
needed to do something. – [Kelly] than just stand there. – [Thomas] Yeah, we got involved, yeah! (crowd cheering) – [Kelly] Wow, That’s really cool. – [Thomas] So that is little Leah, and Leah was injured in an air strike. She was burned really really badly, and that little dude there
with her was her brother. Now get this, her brother is, I think
he’s nine years old, and I don’t know how many of you guys remember being nine, but he was out in the refugee camps and somebody gave him a dollar. He took his dollar, he went to the local store, he bought as much bread as
he could buy with a dollar. He took it all back home to his mom. He handed it to his mom,
’cause they had not eaten anything but bread and tea in two weeks, and he handed it to her and he said, this is so the girls can eat. (crowd cheers) – What a great little man! (crowd cheering) So I really wanted to get that out, ’cause I think that’s really important, but you’re also playing the mayor. No Segway there, Thomas. There’s no Segway
(laughing) – There is no Segway.
– There’s no Segway from that, so we’re just gonna go to it.
– One train wreck to another. – You’re playing the
mayor of L.A., on Tommy. So what’s it about? – It’s about the mayor of L.A.
– Tommy? – No, Edie Falco plays the first female Chief
of Police, and yes ma’am! She’s so cool, y’all! – [Kelly] A woman in a
uniform looks so cool to me. – [Thomas] Yeah – So, what is your
character, we saw the clip, but for people that don’t
know anything about it, why should they love
the show and watch it? – Well I mean, Edie Falco. – And Thomas Sadowski – Let’s just start there, Edie Falco. Paul Attanasio, who wrote
Donnie Brasco and Quiz Show and a bunch of others,
he created this show, and it’s not just sort of
a rip from the headlines kind of cereal drama. We’re dealing with the
stuff that’s going on in our country right now.
– Real time. – We’re not taking any sides, or mentioning any political
parties or people, or any of that sort of stuff, but we’re telling a
story about human beings being alive right now. And here is this woman
of incredible integrity, who has risen to this position of power. She’s trying to put
together her personal life, as well as be the first
female Chief of Police in the history of Los Angeles, and keeping the people safe, while dealing with immigration
and human trafficking and all these various different things that are happening throughout the course, and trying to figure out
whether or not the mayor is somebody who is on her
side, or not on her side or what their relationship is, or if he’s slimy or not slimy,
or any of that sort of stuff, and I think he’s actually trying to figure all of that out too, so it makes for a really interesting show. She’s definitely this kind of really cool fish out of water, and its Edie Falco. (crowd cheering) – You are short changing yourself. I will only allow it for a little bit.

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