The World’s Largest Tent: Khan Shatyr | Top Places to See in Kazakhstan / ТРЦ Хан шатыр в Астане

Khan Shatyr is the largest tent in the world, and it is a shopping mall. The road above me is called Turan Avenue, which connects pretty much every single road in the city’s center. The 150 meters (490 ft) high tent has a 200 meters (660 ft) elliptical base covering 140,000 square meters (14 ha; 35 acres). The tent was opened on 5 July 2010. Kazakhs were nomads about one hundred years ago, and the Kazakh president wanted Kazakh people to gather in a symbolic tent. The total cost of the unique project was nearly US$400,000,000. The transparent material allows sunlight pass through. I guess this video gives you an idea about what the largest tent in the world looks like…

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