Storm Shelter Included In Every Home

Whats up guys? My name is Cody Reed with Homes by Taber. And as you know, we put a storm shelter in every home that we build. If its not obvious enough, why we do this, Im going to explain it to you. So the experts will tell you one of the safest places to be when a tornado hits is to be under ground in a storm shelter. Still, they aren’t required in New Home Builds, but we think that they should be So, we include it as a standard feature, not an upgrade in every home that we build. In 2009, Taber’s neighborhood was actually hit by a tornado. He rushed home to check on his wife and kids, and thankfully they made their way underground, and were perfectly safe. Storm shelter provide enough safety to comfortably seat 6 to 8 people. You can remove the stairs, once you get inside, to create more room. We use steel construction, secure with concrete and a half inch steel sliding door, and there’s two doors for easy access. It’s a safe escape when you need it, and we can’t emphasize its importance enough. When you’re out shopping for a home, make sure not to overlook this very important feature.

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