Pitch a Tent

Look, no offense, but… (insert cartoon) Now it’s time for another chapter in The
Adventures of Perpetual Boner Man! He was a normal… well, normal as you could expect, man Until one day… (awkward silence) …something happened, and now he’s always aroused! But does he let that break his stride? Quite the contrary! He instead relishes it, enjoying what
others would deem wholly embarrassing. Watch as others get butthurt over his
boner alert! (Creepy smile is creepy) (Look at his majestic walk cycle) Welp, nothin’ like a old-fashioned camping trip to build some character. Yup, it’s my favorite part of this little Boy Scouts thing. They gather the supplies, they pitched the tents… make the kids do
the work! It’s good stuff, Wilbur. Just wish there was a better screening process for the adults. …better screening process? Who you referring to, Rick? Who do ya think? (And here we are in the creepy scenario. Enjoy!) You boys… gettin’ wood, mmm? Uh, yeah mister. I got some wood for ya’! In a pile over there. MMMMM. I’m a handy man. Oh, yeah, Johnson. Which is a pretty ironic name,
considering his, eh… problem. His problem? Ya mean that he’s always got an erection?
I mean it’s a Boy Scout camping trip for Christ’s sakes. That’s sick! Can’t he control himself? Heard he shoots the viagra straight into his bloodstream. Through his balls. Right up in there. That sounds incredibly difficult. And painful! He’s dedicated. Look at that glare. (You like his nipples? I modeled them just for you) So, uh, you boys
pitching a tent out here? Yeah mister. Yeah yeah, that’s good. So am i! OH COME ON! ‘Cause we’re camping. Wouldn’t want to get rained on. Not cool, creep! Mmm, yeah… it’s
supposed to rain tonight. You boys… You boys like golden showers?

Excuse me? Because you did a really good job at the fundraiser! Like it’s just raining gold on ya. Proud of you boys. I can’t take much more of this!

Just cool it, man. It’s just for the weekend! You know, I bet if you got to know him you wouldn’t be so worried. Come on, boys! Let’s go down to the lake and go
skinny-dipping. HEY! You lost a lot of weight from all that swimming you done over the summer, Patrick. (Some of these animations are still so awkward. Wonder if I’ll ever get better at that?) Who SAYS things like that to kids?! Hey, I’m twelve! Practically a
teenager. Cram it, Stanley! Mmm, cram it! That’s good. Can I watch? Can I watch
you cram it? That’s enough, Johnson! What a mood killer. And yet you’re still at full mast. This lighthouse don’t go down. Gotta guide them boats home safe and sound. Gonna go swimming with him boys. This log’s gotta be in that water. Bet them boys will think it’s a loch ness
monster. Here comes Nessy! (Tried to do a machine run cycle there. Didn’t work, so I cut most of it) We really gotta stop inviting into these things. I forgot, whose kid is his? …wait a minute, DOES he have a kid here? Damnit, Johnson! Oh boy. (Creep level intensifies!) (Yes, I decided to make a song of Johnson’s stupid speech at the end) (Thank John for that one. He noticed the rhyme in there and I figured it’d be fun to turn it into the credits theme) (I don’t know if you can tell, but I really half assed this ending. It’s just me messing around doing random stuff) (His legs glitch up here, giving him shoes for a face. I found it funny, so I left it in) (Decided it’d be cool to include a testing clip I made a month and a half ago, so I did) (There’s that walking guy again) and then they find out oh wait he’s not
related anybody (This is test footage I did using the old hair system and weird glarey light. It’s interesting to see how much has changed) (And some random bits of recording for the hell of it. Why not?) (Bye!)

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