OZtrail Lodge Tourer LED Fast Frame Tent

– [Narrator] Camp fast, easily and comfortably with OZtrail’s range of large LED Tourer tents. This series of tents
are designed for touring and camping in all seasons. And are jam-packed with
all the latest features. The large LED Tourer tents
are designed to be set up and packed away in no time. Thanks to the Fast Frame design. (soft rhythmic music) The first of its kind, the Lodge Series uses Twilight Technology. An additional coding to the tent fabric which reduces heat build
up and morning light. And increases the integrity
of the waterproofing. (birds chirping) Blocking out up to 94% of ambient light from penetrating the tent, campers have a bedroom
environment that stays dark. So you can sleep in longer. To ensure that you are
never left in the dark, the Lodge LED Tourer series, also have built-in, Intergraded LED lights in the frame with three settings, easily powered with four D-Cell batteries or with a USB power bank. A front awning offers an
additional shade area. And optional accessories are available to convert the awning into
an extended living area. The 150D fly material
provides great protection from the elements. And polyester PVC coated floor, folds up easier and faster than the standard PE flooring. Available in both the 240 size or a larger 450 double room version. For any solo, couples or family camping, the large LED Tourer tents
combine the best features of your favourite tents.

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