Ozark Trail Backpacking Tent

Ozark Trail Backpacking Tent

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out
this video. Today we’re gonna be looking at a 2 person backpacking tent from Walmart’s Ozark Trail. This two-person tent is sold as the Mountain Pass Geo Frame. Here you can see a time-lapse of me my
wife pitching the tent; with both of us set up time was just under five minutes.
This tent comes with 3 poles, 12 stakes, the rain fly and includes a
vestibule this tent only comes in one color which is the neon green/neon
yellow. On Walmart’s website this tent currently retails for $59.97 USD, but is on rollback for $45 USD at the time of filming. I will put a link in the
description to this product with the current pricing. Here you can see me opening up the
vestibule door. It has two velcro patches as well as a zipper on both the left and
right side. The door can then be rolled up and held
in place with two toggles at the top of the rainfly the tent has one large door
that can be unzipped rolled up and stuffed in a corner pocket in the tent. Looking from the inside of the tent, you
will have two organization pockets, as well as the pocket for the door tent.
Your rain fly will have four vents and your vestibule is plenty large enough
for shoes, your bags, or any other gear you may have. One thing I did notice when closing the
door is in this bottom left corner it is pulled pretty tight. Along the tub bottom
of the tent you can see that in areas of stress it is reinforced and all the
seams are taped as well. Here’s the final walk around the outside of the tent. The
vents are held open by about a six inch hardened piece wrapped in the same
material as the rain fly. They are sewn in on one end with Velcro on the other,
allowing you to open or close the vents. I do not see much need for the
guidelines, as they will not do much for ventilation. Here is a look at the total
package. The tent comes in a roll top draw bag, with two compression straps. The weight breakdown as as follows: with the poles coming in at thirty eight point
three ounces stakes at sixteen point three five ounces fly at twenty seven
point five ounces tent at twenty four point four five ounces in the entire
package at six pounds fourteen point five ounces. Thank you for taking the
time to check out this video. Leave a like, consider subscribing, and check out
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  1. That was an awesome video! I've been looking at this tent, but I've never seen someone break down the weight by the different parts (I was thinking about replacing the poles with aluminum ones to cut some more weight). Thanks a lot! In the future, maybe let us know how tall you are and if it's comfortable to lay down in or if your head bumps a wall.


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