Nightmare at Mountain Rest

Nightmare at Mountain Rest Scene opens with background music in a movie
theater. Movie message appears which says: “Seymour Cell says, as a courtesy to others,
please silence your cell phone”. Cartoon character of a cell phone points to message. The message fades as the lights dim in the
theater. The movie title, “Nightmare at Mountain Rest” appears on the screen. Title fades and scene opens to a campground
at sunset. As the sun sets, stars appear in the sky, and crickets begin chirping. The
peace and quiet is interrupted, by a cell phone ringing in one of the tents. The tent
lights up when the phone rings, the crickets stop chirping, and a startled dog begins to
bark. In a darkened tent, sleeping campers are awakened
by the cell phone ringing. Scene changes to the tent where a camper is
talking and laughing on his cell phone. Back at the darkened tent, the campers, now awake,
hear the cell phone ring again, become angry, and start grumbling. One camper’s eyes turn
dark red. Scene moves outside the tents, where a dark
ominous figure walks toward the tent where the noisy cell phone user is still on the
phone. Creepy violin music plays as the figure kneels alongside the tent.
Inside his tent, a frightened, noisy cell phone user, still on the phone, notices a
dark, shadow growing on his tent wall. The shadow appears threatening, with what appears
to be some sort of weapon in hand. The tent flap is unzipped and a female camper, with
toothbrush in hand, simply goes “Shhhh”. The following text messages appear on a cell
phone: *It is recognized that many outdoor recreationists
carry cell phones for safety and emergencies. *Be considerate of other visitors: carry and
use cell phones out-of-sight and sound of other people.
*Keep them turned off until needed or left in a pocket on the “vibrate” or “silent”
ringer setting. *Be self reliant, whether carrying cell phones
or not. Don’t leave ill-prepared or engage in risky actions just because you have a cell
phone to call for rescue. *Remember that in many remote areas cell phone
coverage is limited or non-existent. *Many people go to the out-of-doors to get
away from technology. Please respect their desire for solitude and be considerate when
using a cell phone. For more information visit: ——————————————————————————– Not the End.

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