Lemme Tell You About A Favorite Shelter For Abandoned Cats Ever | Kritter Klub

Hello Have you came Welcome☆ I’ll be explaining about our home Here’s a cat There’s a cat Here’s a cat too How many cats are there? Cat owner: There’re 16 of them now Fat cat Flying cat Cute cat A peculiar cohabitation of all kinds of cats I’m hungry, Stewardess (Yes master) Setting A serving for 16 cats has been ordered Smell good~ The meal you’ve orderd is ready Group seats completed Super delicious☆ But ?? Excuse me~ Won’t you eat? Woong-ga will you eat some lettuce? A cat and lettuce..?? He eats it!? Moreover Look at Woong-ga fat belly A cat who gained weight after eating grass;; Since it’s a home with many cats there’re all sort of cats.. The stewardess doesn’t have any time to rest Cleaning mode Since there’re 16 cats If i don’t clean up often with this, it’s almost a fur-hell! Can’t live in fur-hell! Turn on an air purifier~ Working well Here’s poo-hell;; Let’s take a look~ Oh my.. Clean Clean (now I can take some rest) our stewardess is doing well~ How did they become such a big family? Those who are sick and need treatment Abandoned cats, those who were adopted then given up come and live with me in my home Cats who have a lot of stories have gathered~ The 16 cats live together depending on each other☆ But can barely see him wary (The cat)Has lived with me for 10 years I’ve never touched him He doesn’t open his heart She holds out her hand.. Perhaps I should kneel… Go away! Hiding cat~ Open up your mind :'( A Cat action expert appeared Hi~ Let me see~ Cat action expert : When he’s with another existence he should feel comfortable and (should) even be full The reason he’s like that is because of fundamental fear If you have the space stay seated when he’s alone But I don’t really.. have space anymore Then I’ve thought of a kind of catio A simple and exclusively for cat terrace ‘catio’ Creating a new space that suits a cat’s habits (Looks attractive~) Jump The view is amazing~ Super popular Once the efficiency of the space is increased The space for cats to use has increased The hiding cat came out! After waiting for him to settle down.. (Can I go in?) Careful Careful (Please accept my heart..♥) Hey Stewardess.. Yes?;; We are day 1 from today♡ It’s the first time he’s licking my finger like this Please take good care of me from now on too~ Abandoned cats and dogs are increasing and new puppies and kittens are being born from them After you see my home’s cats I hope you pay attention to other abandoned cats and dogs The small lives who pass by in our surroundings They could become your special family♡

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