Last Shelter Survival Doomsday Event : Season 2 Top Changes Top Suggestions

alright alright alright guys this is acer
of spades team TSE state 268 we are number one so this video request came
from a good subscriber named Jason aka big Stu I believe he’s out in 357 shout
outs 357 this is going to be titled doomsday event last shelter survival top
changes and top suggestions for season 2 this is really important because a lot
of you guys are ending season 1 you’re gonna be running into season 2 and
you’re not really sure what to expect what the differences will be and this is
what this video is going to cover also quickly shoutouts to my board john AKA
clive distant then over in state 406 he’s been a longtime subscriber as well
and I told him I shot you out there you are a big boy I appreciate everything
appreciate the support let’s dive right in
first things first we got a very special suggestion at the end of this video so
make sure you watch to the end this is gonna be specifically on
specialty this comes from my good friend Niles gray he blessed me with a lot of
great information and I’m here to bless it to you guys and pass it right on so
make sure you stay to the end of this video so first things first the top
changes guard power guys so in if you watched my season 1 if you watch my
season 1 playlist you’re going to learn everything you need to know about
doomsday that’ll be in the description below in that I talk about doomsday
heroes how you need to set up your a pcs learn how to do everything
in and out however there’s major changes in guard power that means each and every
territory that you’re going to attempt to occupy is going to be a lot harder so
how much harder am I talking about just as an example a level 11 oil deposit in
season 1 is give or take a little over 400,000 guard power now regardless of
whether you know exactly how powerful that is or not let’s go to a relative
difference a level 11 mineral deposit in season two it’s 2,700,000 guard power
now that is significant because we’re literally talking about nearly seven
times nearly seven times more powerful that means you’re going to no longer be
able to use purple heroes guys you got to get purple heroes out of your
vocabulary you’re gonna need fully unlocked fully
unlocked orange heroes and get ready to go if you have season one that’s great
otherwise fully unlocked regular heroes are gonna be the way to go so that’s big
change number one building levels reset if you’re expecting your building levels
to stay the same they are not any collected doomsday materials will
disappear so if you didn’t have your process up which I teach you about in
the top three mistakes to avoid then you’re just wasting all that material
you might as well get your buildings level up and enjoy them in season one
because they’re going to disappear and reset for season two you will keep your
specialty points that is HUGE and we’re going to go into how important specialty
points are at the end of this video next your tickets for honor and your
recess will stay so if you happen to have multiple doomsday resets for
whatever reason or you happen to have honor bonus tickets that will increase
the honor you gain for 30 minutes that’s a big deal because they will stay there
and they’re available and they’re good to go now this is something important I
want to talk about – a lot of times there’s a lot of miscommunication about
how much of a break you’re going to have between seasons well I did my season 1
rewards video also found in playlists and I dropped that on 7 1 of 2019
according to my records we had to start doomsday on 7 8 2019 so that tells me
without even having to remember that we had literally 7 day difference between
the starts of doomsday do not get complacent do not think you’re getting 5
weeks off or you get to go back to doing normal coz doomsday is here it’s big and
it’s here to stay so you might as well get your information up and get your
teams ready now we can go directly into my top suggestions
so that you guys can start to progress very quickly in season two the cool part
is things didn’t change that much so all the tips and tricks you learned like the
dooms a defense and all the things from my season 1 playlist
they’re going to be relevant and that’s a wonderful thing so get really really
good at that and go ahead and start pushing that
however what one of my biggest suggestions go ahead and get at least
three production cues and make sure you focus on the top side like that talk
about in my three avoidance three mistakes to avoid video the next thing
you want to do is use a reset to unlock all four Guardian and assault buildings
I’m just gonna go ahead and into this real quick so you guys have an idea what
I’m talking about on your specialty tab if you hit your blue the top again like
we talked about before it’s how you increase the processing speed I highly
suggest that over the bottom so when you go through each of these just simply go
along the top and that will help you I feel in my own opinion a lot more than
going up and down or just the bottom the buildings as you probably learned from
season 1 they open up as you drop down here so you want to continue to get as
much honor assumingly possible and open up all your buildings so that you can
get that done and as far as whether or not to increase the durability or of
course to increase the building speed to be fair and everybody’s different I
typically use diamonds to just increase my buildings in some cases unless I’m
getting a whole lot of building speed ups in this building day or something
like that I highly suggest you increase your durability rather than increase
your building speed so what you’re going to want to do is stay on the left side
going down while you’re building up your buildings so this is really really cool
for specialty I’m going to start breaking out each and every one of these
in future videos the stay on your left side and increase your durability which
will make it harder for every opponent that runs into those buildings to break
it that’s the best thing you could possibly do and then finally huge shout
out huge shout out to Niles gray for our specialty end and this is crucial for
your success going into season two between season one and season
two again you get to keep your honor points right so the best thing that you
could possibly do is increase your honor as much as possible one really cool
trick I haven’t personally done this but what Niles has taught me is that if you
hit the green specialty right and you go down the left here there’s options I
would suggest based on what I’m seeing is to go straight down the middle and
this last specialty in the green area is called honor or honor award and it
basically says you gain a large amount of Honor instantly and they higher the
total honor structure level more honor will be gained and you can use this one
every day now this is significant guys because apparently according to Niles
you can access this from the doomsday laboratory not only during that tally
week but even after the doomsday season ends which means every single day you
get to continue to increase your honor and guess what you get to carry over
your honor so anyone else who ends on any other specialty will potentially
have less honor than you so you’re going to be better for listening to me and
Niles and better for listening to this video just for that tip alone guys I may
or may not have missed something I want to keep this short and sweet and make
sure I give you guys as much value as possible no fluff but if you’re here at
this point I think I earned the right to say like and subscribe more importantly
look up the Facebook join the entire community let’s continue to grow if you
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you already know who it is this is Acer space I hope this information was
incredibly helpful and I enjoyed making this video so guys ACO space is signing

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