Just Bakery: Bhima, Bhutanese Refugee

Just Bakery: Bhima, Bhutanese Refugee

Refugees is not the easy word or not a small word. It’s, um… You know people always want more. More in life, everythings. In refugee camp always people they give us some food and some clothes and shelter to live and eat, you know, but It’s hard to get out and get out from the camp and go to go find the other job that can– It was hard there. When I was two my parents
they came to Nepal because Bhutanese government, they throw almost all southern Nepali from Bhutan to Nepal. Yeah, I stayed there in a camp for 17 years in Nepal in the refugee camp. We got an opportunity from IOM
(International Organization for Migration) We all kids, we’re five siblings, we all decided to come here and we told our parents “No, we’re not staying here in a camp anymore. So if we got opportunity to go out, let’s go.” So we just grab this opportunity to come here and have this life. Last September I heard about Just Bakery and then I was kind of interested in baking things. Because I was watching videos in YouTube and doing some cakes in my house. So I heard about this and I got this opportunity. I was lucky to have a member of Just Bakery. We’re just looking for our identity and you know, our place To use our all brain and our skills things like that. So– That’s why we’re here.

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