GUDIYAM CAVES Trek | Stone Age Rock Shelter | Complete Guide from Chennai [with SUBTITLES]

Hi guys. Welcome to Heaven Explorer Channel. Today’s video is about “Gudiyam Caves”. If you see the route map for this trek, we
will be starting at Chennai. The total distance of the travel is around 65km. starting from Chennai to Ambattur Ambattur to Thiruvallur Thiruvallur to Poondi Poondi to Seethanjeri and finally Seethanjeri to Gudiyam caves. On the way to Poondi, you can see beautiful flowers on both sides of the road. But most importantly, you can see this Poondi reservoir. Spend some time to enjoy the breathtaking view of this reservoir and then continue with your trek. Don’t miss this incredible view. As the film title says, ”Vantha rajava thaan
varuvaen”(Film reference). Our cameraman comes like, ”If I show up, I will only show up with a dog.” and given his debut If you search for Gudiyam caves in google maps, It will show you the route for Goonipalayam village instead of gudiyam caves. So, you have to type specifically as “Trek
route to Gudiyam Caves”, this will show you the exact place of the caves along with routes. If you are coming by car then you have to
park the car in goonipalayam village and have to start the trek from the village itself. But If you are coming by motorcycle then you can go a little further into the forest. Before entering Goonipalayam village, you will see a yellow colored sign board on the right of the road this board will be your first check point and you have to take this right. You can also see on the board that they have mentioned pullikundram reserve forest. After this point, the entire travel will be
on off-road. As I said before, You can’t travel by car on this road. Coming by motorcycle will give you an advantage here. If you follow the tractor trails, you can cover 2-3 km on this off-road. These roads are filled with pebbles. So, both walking and riding on this pebble filled road will be a bit difficult. If you are planning to come by motorcycle then it is better to fill up your tanks because there are no gas stations nearby. If walking on these roads is going to be difficult, think about what could happen if you run out fuel in the middle of the trek, it will be a complete disaster. You have to walk on foot after this point because you can’t ride on the motorcycle after this point. PARK THE VEHICLE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you want extra safety for your vehicle,
then chain lock it and proceed. Okay, our explorers have started their trek. This is going to be our trekking route. You have to walk 5 to 6km if you start from the signboard and have to walk 2 to 3 km if you start from the place where we parked the motorcycle to reach the caves. The first camera logo indicates the Gudiyam first cave and the second camera logo indicates the Gudiyam second cave, You may be tempted to ask us who are these to two new guys. These two guys are our explorer’s new followers. You may think, ”for him!!??”. Initially, even I couldn’t believe. Then I believed it because I had no other choice. So, you guys too believe it as if you had no other choice other than this. Okay, let’s go into the trek. I will be telling you the important things you should bring along in this trek and the points to remember. First, I will tell about the important things that you should bring along in this trek. Quick, take a paper and pen to note it. Wear a shoe having good sole or a trekking shoe because of the rough paths that we have to walk. If you wear a normal shoe, there is a high
chance for getting your leg injured. Second, food and water bottle. Carry a minimum 3 litres of water. If you are planning on buying water bottles then buy in before goonipalayam village because you won’t get any water
bottles after that. Third, it is better to wear a full hand shirt or a jerkin. This is important because more than half of the plants and bushes we see there will have thorns on it. As these thorns are hook-shaped, there is a better chance for these thorns to tear your skin. So, wearing a jerking will give you better protection. This will be your first check-point and you can be pretty sure that you are going in the proper route after seeing this. After crossing thispoint, in a 2 to 5 min walk, You will see the rocks arranged in a linear order on the left side as you see in this video now. This is the only hint to find the gudiyam first cave. So, don’t miss it. Taking this left and walking for about 5 to 10 mins, we will reach the gudiyam first cave. The stones are in the way that it is easy for us to climb and so there is no problem climbing here. You are now looking at the Gudiyam first cave. There are totally 16 caves here and it is a smaller one compared to the second cave. If you follow the trail near the cave and climb up, you will end up with two things to see and that’s were our explorers are trekking towards now. First, we are going to look at the only water source for both these caves. If you forgot to bring water, you can drink it after boiling it. You won’t see any other water source other than this. Even the nearby village people, drink this water when they come here Our explorers are going to take a break in stone age man’s style. You too can bring vessels and cook here to get a real trekking experience. It will give you a realistic experience. But don’t throw plastics and be careful with fire. Extinguish the fire completely before you leave the place. The fire will spread very easily on this kind of dry places and so the life of the birds, animals and people who live here may get affected. The second thing I was talking about is the scenic beauty. Our explorers are enjoying the beauty of the heavenly nature while having their tea and then they are leaving the place. Climb down the hill and continue your trek again you will be reaching the second cave in 20 to 30 mins. Its better we keep our tone low after this point Archaeological Survey of India says that these 16 caves are in this Allikulli hill range. We have to be extremely careful after this place. There are beehives all around this cave. combined they are each in the size of 5 footballs It’s good for both us and the bees if we don’t disturb them. We have now reached gudiyam second cave. Source says that palaeolithic man was living here about 2 lakh years ago. We can also call them as Stone age man, that is, the period when the ancient men started making stone weapons. In 1863, BritishGeologist Robert Bruce Foote found the stone weapons used by these palaeolithic men. These caves are not only famous for these caves but also for their different variety of birds. There is a statue of Goddess Sri Mannatchi Amman. The village people who live here, worship her on festival days. You can also worship her after removing your shoes. Going with shoes is a sign of disrespect of both the goddess and the place. If you have watched this video very closely, you would have noticed that there were no full rock present because these mountains were formed on years of stone and slit deposit. I think I can speak normally from here onwards. When we went trekking there, few people
belonging to the village were there. They said that we would get a vibrant view from the top the mountain and then they themselves offered to take us to the hill-top. Until here, there will be tracks of the tractor and human trails. As many people won’t trek after the second cave, it is going to be a complete forest from here after and you can’t determine the path clearly. You have to crouch in these kinds of places
to move ahead. Don’t grasp any branches without seeing, as I said before there will be thorns in half of the plants. So, there is a high
chance for these plants to tear your skin. You may understand now, why we are stressing you to wear jerkins, after seeing this. This part of trek is full of ups and downs and you have to crouch in and out of the bushes. It is better to ask for a well-experienced trekking person to go along with you. They will guide you properly throughout the trek and while climbing this kind of steep slopes, it is better to check twice before placing your foot as our blue coloured shirt guy does. Also, place your hands on the gaps on the slope to climb easily. Woow!!! Even our explorers would not have expected this abloom view. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. Be very careful in this place. There is always some danger in silence. Keep your eyes down and walk as these places are filled with rocks in unexpected places. The surface is not also plane and so there will ups and downs. One step wrong and you die. If you fall from here you can’t be even revived as we do in PUBG. Now, our explorer is going down to explore a small cave which was present on top of the mountain. Don’t try anything like this. This is only for informational purpose and we just wanted to show that caves are present even in these kinds of place and it’s a small initiative Heaven Explorer team is taking for you. If you see there is no much space for keeping your leg here. So grasp the rocks by your side very carefully while getting down. It is recommended to go slow on these kinds of steep because there is a high risk of slipping down here. It is a very rare opportunity we get
to see, two mountains midst a forest this closely. So don’t forget to look at this alive scenic natural beauty. From here, you will get an amazing view of these mountains plus you will get a wonderful
view of the cave down below and also you can see how big the cave is, from here above. These are the two ultimate views you get from here. So, Don’t miss it. Our explorer has completed mountaineering courses, so its safe to place our lives on his hand. But, If a non-experienced person asks
you believe in them. It’s better to push them from there and return down the same way(sarcastic). Ok, now we are going to return to the second cave. You would have seen how steep the climb was. So, there is a high risk of slipping here. Place each and every step properly. Let’s see how our explorer and his followers are going to descend the place and crouch through bushes from here onwards. We are coming to the end of this amazing trek. If you know any unexplored places, mention it down below in the comment section. Suggest us new names for the two new explorers. If you like this video, like it, comment it and share it. Don’t forget to subscribe to HEAVEN EXPLORER. Until the next video. Thank You ta ta(bye) bye bye

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