Girls Take Over Boys Box Fort Nerf Battle!

(spaceship whirs) (computer beeps) (computer beeps) – This time we’re going to be prepared. Nobody’s taking over our box fort. – Yeah. – Let’s get some more. – Just in case, a little something extra. – [Shawn] Can’t be too careful. – Woo! We’re all done. But now what do we do? – Good point. Let’s go get our Nintendo Switch upstairs. – Oh yeah, let’s do that. – We could have our tea party now! – Yeah! (dramatic music) – Let’s go play some hello neighbor! – Yeah! Wait Shawn, look! That says no boys allowed! – [Shawn] What? – [Chase] The girls are in there. – That’s right, and we’re having a tea
party and lunch right now so you’re just gonna have to wait. – We’ll see about that. – Ugh, boys. I know what this means. Let’s get the blasters. (electronic whirs) (Blaster clack into place) Ready to rumble. – Let’s get the try brakes Shawn. – Ok. (electronic whirs) (Blaster clack into place) Let’s go get these newbies
out of our box fort. – Easy peesy lemon squeasy. Alright girls, party’s over. It’s time for you to move
on out of our box fort. – I think we’re fine
just where we’re at boys. – Yeah we’re fine right here boys. – It’s a battle you want, it’s a battle you’ll get. (Blaster fires) Hey! Let’s get ’em Lauren! (Blaster fire rapidly) – I’m out Chase. – I’m out too. Let’s go. (laughs mischievously) – They’ll be back. Okay let’s go!
– [Karlie] Run! Oh, they don’t stand a chance. – I’ll take this one. (Blaster whir to life) – These upgrades will keep those boys out – Mm-hmm. – In here. These Fortnite blasters will definitely get ’em out of our fort. – For sure. Ready. – Set. – Go. Wait Shawn, this time you go that way. I’m gonna go this way. – Okay. – They’re back. Wait a minute, it’s only Shawn. Where’s Chase? (Blaster fires rapidly) – Ha! (groans defeatedly) (Blaster fires) – Thought you could sneak in this way? – Take this Karlie! – You ain’t coming in here Chase. (Blaster fire consistently) This is our fort right now. – Where’s my darts? Oh grab ammo! – I think they’re gone Lauren. (intense chase music) – This time Shawn, let’s get those girls out of our box fort. (Blaster clack loudly) – Girls rule. (Blaster clack loudly) – Tea party? I don’t think so. – Not in our box fort. – You ready Lauren? – Yeah! (Blaster fire) (shawn grunts) – I don’t think so Shawn. (Blaster fire loudly) (Blaster fire loudly) (Blaster fire loudly) Uh oh. – Karlie I’m out. – Let’s get out through the window Lauren. – Shawn I think they’re escaping! – They’re not getting away from us. – Come on. – We can’t let them get away! Get in the box fort! – Summon the ship! – Hurry let’s go! (spaceship whirs) – You can’t get away from us that easily! (intense chase music) – Whoa. – Whoa. (spaceship hums) – I always thought the girls were aliens. – So what do we do now? – I don’t know, go play on the Nintendo Switch? – Sounds good to me! (spaceship hums) – Guys, don’t forget to like this video. (boys yell) Aliens! – Get to the box fort! – Man our brothers are so weird. – I know. Poof!

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