Girls Hostel | Final Teaser – Blast from the Past | Girliyapa Originals

This hostel is like a jungle. and Jo is the king
of this jungle Mili ! Now there are 2 kings
of this jungle We’ll have to talk to Zahira. Hey Twitter! Why did Jo & Zahira
have a fight between them? What did I say
that she ran away? So listen carefully Everybody thought something is
brewing between Jo & Zahira. and Gurpreet was like
their adopted love child. 1 minute, 1 minute… Who is this Gurpreet? Gurpreet, heard this name
after such a long time. Together they were like the
powerpuff girls of Hinjewadi. But there is always a Mojo
Jojo is every townsville. That’s Ramya Mantri. It was due to her that there was a
fight between Jo and Zaheera. How can you trust that bitch? F**k you girls! Stop! How did you enter Girl’s Hostel? What kind of a mad woman is she? I’ve had enough of Ramya, Let’s directly go to police
and show them this video. Hey Gurpreet right!?

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