there we go activated good evening
everyone my name is Chris bucket and welcome to tonight’s top news story the
united nations of copper the unc has just announced there’s been an
overwhelming increase in cardboard related issues across the globe complex
supplies from coast to coast have been drying up and people are asking where my
box boards this has led many nations to scramble armies as war seems to be on
the brink for most cardboard faring nations well hold on oh look what’s that
no way this just did Chris bucket reporting live there has just been a
call to conscription that’s right the country is going to war for cardboard
ladies and gentlemen it looks like there is an inevitable cardboard war coming if
you or yourself are a box part builder I would get your extra cardboard and
hunker down somewhere safe this has been crisp oh okay I’m leaving
look did you know this meets looks like we’ve been conscripted a war I’m not
ready for war can I just make box sports out go to box for war
that’s a whole different thing proof I’m ready sorry that’s enough boys and
listen up good you’re going to war the commander in chief himself has enlisted
half of the population this cardboard war has gotten out of hands we have
limited resources of cardboard now I’m sending you boys to the Pacific you’ll
be stationed in the Navy please only one problem
the Navy has seen it they do not provide enough cardboard destroyers which means
you’ll be taxed without only building your ship but sailing or into battle sir
sir sir Sir you stay here and their records boys you’re the two best box for
builders this country has we are the best box for builders in this side of
the world sir sir I have one more question
Friday nights for us or only pizza nights we order pizza is that something
that’s gonna happen still or there ain’t gonna be no dog anywhere in the Pacific
you’ll be in the Freddy’s private dock the second place this side of the world
was ever seen no pizzas on Friday saying all right yo what’s going against Papa J
Q from D movie and we are back with a brand new video and today we are gonna
be building a box for battleship you guys have been asking for so you guys
we’re gonna be making this battleship and going to box for war it is gonna be
awesome what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna use
our combined engineering efforts to build the craziest battleship with
awesome guns torpedoes everything that you want in a battleship and we’re gonna
be taking on an enemy floating box for it so first up we’re gonna be using this
raft because I think it’s gonna work perfectly for our box for destroyer now
it’s time to inflate this thing dude this looks sick it already looks like a
battleship now that we got that ready it’s time to start building this thing
we have a ton of really cool weapon systems including a torpedo a front
facing water gun smokescreen and much more I’m not gonna tell you guys
everything right it’s a bit of a secret but this thing is gonna be lit out logos
already on look at how is she awesome Logan’s testing out the buoyancy over
you gotta make sure that it is not only strong looks nice but is also stealthy
because we’re going to box for a war with this thing we’re gonna start off by
putting down a bunch of cardboard spring get kind of the cardboard base done and
then we’re gonna work on the walls as well as the room we just finished the
floor it’s looking awesome we have the whole box for it layer here going it’s
it looks great and the cool theme of this is not only is this gonna help
support the walls as well as the front it’s also gonna give us a ton of room to
store all of our stuff in here whether we have our water balloon grenades or
nerf guns we’re gonna have a lot of room to put stuff in the battleship itself this way has the roof on it is looking
it so cool it looks like one of those like World War one battleships or even
like a tank like it’s so awesome and check this out guys
this is more of like a tank kind of idea I took it from playing battlefield 1 but
look the back hatch completely opens up and it opens up because we don’t want to
get it wet and then it reveals the inside check that out guys we can have
access all the weapon systems everything inside you come out here the back hatch
closes like this and this thing is solid and good to go
now that this is done guys we gotta start setting up our defenses we’ve got
a few things to add on to this as well as a few secret surprises that I haven’t
told you guys about first up we’re gonna be adding a cyclone water blaster which
is pretty cool but the reason I picked this up is because you can access it
with a button you use this to launch the water then when we need to fire in our
enemy we click this button so this button is gonna be inside the box for it
while the water blaster is gonna be on the outside and in the box battles of
the box war water is a deadly weapon cuz that gets cardboard wet and cardboard
does not like to be wet so we’re gonna have this is the first weapon mounted
outside the box for it got the gun mounted on the front check that i hoed
is looking awesome next up we got to mount the nerf turret on the side panel
here once again we also have the smokescreen which is really important
and then a few other things to add to this thing before we launch it
we’ve mounted the front gun as well as the side turret it looks so sick we got
the nerve side turret next up we got one of these bad boys we used in our videos
in the past it is a smoke grenade so if you’re out on the water and you’re in a
massive battle you don’t want the enemy to be able to find you so you pull this
as an emergency measure a huge smoke grenade goes up it distracts them and
you get out to safety we’re gonna have tin foil wrapped around this cardboard
piece a few times as like a shield because I don’t have you guys saw but in
our last video we use this the box for Titanic it actually burned a hole in the
box for it and caught the thing on fire so this time we’re using tin foil it’s
fireproof it’ll be at least safer but remember guys do not try this at home so
well Jake is doing the finishing touches on the main box for a battleship
I’m gonna make the attacking box for a battleship the enemy ship has nowhere
near the technology that our main ship has so it’s gonna be a very simple and
we’re gonna be able to destroy it no problem alright guys so we have the
emergency smoke screen all attached in here and the cool thing is inside the
box board ship this will be the pull lever that I pull in an emergency and
it’ll put this whole thing in a shroud of smoke and no one be able to see us
next up guys it’s time to work on our secret weapon this is something that
I’ve been keeping from you guys but it’s really cool we do have torpedoes that
we’re gonna be able to launch inside the ship but they’re miniature torpedoes
we’ve got one mega torpedo check this out we’re gonna be using this and we’re
gonna be modifying it with a box so we can attach a box around it tie it down
and launch this into the other box for it if you guys have never seen this
before this is an electric motor that powers you underwater normally use it to
swim but we’re gonna turn it into a torpedo here is the box for torpedo this thing
looks so epic it’s battery powered at the bottom it is gonna launch in the
water and hopefully destroy that ship over there this is the first time we’ve
ever tried anything like this so if it does we’ll definitely do more stuff like
this I guess you have to wait to the end to see if it works in case it doesn’t
work I brought along some of these these are like handheld launch of all
torpedoes and hopefully they’ll do some damage on this ship I’m gonna use this
kind of like elastic band to launch them but I’ll do a test right now to show you
guys how they look so if we wanted to launch one of these from the ship at
another ship all you gotta do is put it around here pull it back like this let’s
see if we can hit Logan lower get heads up distance the time is Calma it is time
to go to battle we have our massive box for battle cruiser with our mini
torpedos massive secret weapon torpedos throne facing water gun inside facing
door gun up against or enemy a little box over there let’s get this in the
water and start the battle you guys check it out this is inside the box for
battleship we got our nerf gun here which we can stick out the side we got
our smokescreen activator on the side here we’ve got water balloons check it
out and of course we got the front-facing gun now it’s time to take
on our enemy now it’s time to close the hatch so I actually went ahead and redid
the front gun system because I found out I had no idea could do this check this
out guys you can control which way it looks in which way it turns with the
buttons down here it’s time to go to battle we got a spot the enemy ship
enemy ship not located and everything do the sacred destroy right now hold on
boys we got some secret weapons well I blew it at the fret 2nd why at
the front guys we have a serious issue right now the water balloons are doing
nothing all right guys we’re having some issues with the water balloons I thought
these would be a good idea but they don’t seem to be doing much to against
the enemy ship get some shots on it from even here all right hold on hold on it’s
in perfect position for a shot with the mini torpedo up me torpedo Mike come on
come on just gotta angle it right bow die and burn we hit the bottom of the
ship it’s not good enough guys I’m gonna try and get it from the side using
another mini torpedo firing another torpedo three two one we only got a few
days left guys we’re running low on supplies burn it hit a direct channel on
the torpedo guys direct to the torpedo gun systems back online we’re gonna give
it all we got with the rest of the gun here guys get up close can up clos get
all that water water is a cardboard box force worst nightmare she’s moving she’s
trying to evade our water systems looks like we’re out of water boys looks
like we’re out of water we’re closin up throw some water balloons tiny water
balloons are doing nothing go for another water bullet shot oh it looks
like Logan is taking over the enemy ship okay what are you doing to changing
sides holy stone sabar balloons oh we got more firepower than that the ship’s
armed all right I’m gonna try my new breasts around for a nerf gun attack
we’ve got Tracy we’re eating it up with the water dude
his roof just came completely off time to unleash the side turrets here we go so guys we were able to knock over the
top of his ship basically we took it down by spraying a bunch of water on it
that weakened the sides of the ship it was not made proper so the thing came
down really quick we’re getting return fire from Logan he’s hitting us he’s
hitting us hard he’s got 100 teeth oh jeez
guys is definitely time to go for the smoke stream we’re gonna get hard with
water balloons oh my god it’s time to pull the smoke screen and get out of
here slow Street activate there we go smoke
series activated all right guys the smoke screen is activated on this side
of the fort we are concealed now that’s gonna buy us
a little bit of time to return fire but guys get this we’ve already knocked over
Logan ship we’ve already destroyed the top of his box for it with our water
guns our torpedo attacks and then we blasted him with the nerf gun but he’s
making a final stand underneath his ship I think it’s time to take our secret
weapon now it is time to use the box Ford torpedo
we’re gonna lock it down it’s ready to go by foot so Tito ready
the wand to gets loaded

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