EPIC new canopy setup: Built-in kitchen, rooftop tent, awning & more! [2 OF 9]

EPIC new canopy setup:  Built-in kitchen, rooftop tent, awning & more! [2 OF 9]

So as part of giving the D-MAX a bit of a
birthday update, we’ve decided to put a new canopy on the back. The old canopy which has been going for 2
years now has been going great. Awesome bit of set-up. But what we want to do this year is we want
to try something different. Simon, as you know, he likes to have a kitchen
in the back of his truck so that he can cook up eggs and boil water to make coffee. So we’ve decided to put a new canopy on and
go with a completely new layout. I’ve got a brand new kitchen to go in it,
and I’m pumped. All the new Clearview stuff, so yeah, it’s
gonna be a great new setup for you, man. I’m looking forward to seeing it. A whole different ballgame, mate. The whole side of your truck is all about
food and kitchen. I’ll have to learn how to use it. Learn how to cook, hey, so you can stop starving. How good is that? And look. So we’ve come to Norweld, because let’s face
it, Norweld are the leaders in aluminium canopies, aluminium trays. They make the best gear. All our canopies are Australian-made. We use marine-grade aluminium for all our
canopies. We use 316 stainless, which is a high-grade
stainless for all our fixtures. So Norweld canopies are made in Cairns, and
then they send them all the way down the east coast. So you’ve got head office in Cairns. You’ve got a workshop in Brisbane. You’ve got a workshop in Melbourne. You’ve got a workshop in Sydney. So there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t order a Norweld canopy just about anywhere in Australia. Yeah, keep going. Come on. Use your muscles. We’re just getting all the stuff that sat on top of Simon’s rack, which is the rooftop tent, the awnings, and all that is being fitted
to the new roofrack. They’ve got new latches. They’ve got new mounting systems. All those things that make the features in
this canopy so much better. Well since our last canopy that we’ve done, we’ve incorporated a few new designs using Clearview. The Clearview fridge slide and the Clearview
kitchen have been incorporated in this new canopy. It drops down. There we go. That’s awesome. You can put all your stuff in there. Cool. I guess what makes a good canopy is something
that’s gonna last, and it’s not going to break on you when you’re out in the bush or on a
dirt track somewhere. Our canopies are made strong to suit our conditions
in Australia. The good thing with this too is that after
you set up your canopy, and it’s set up the way you go camping, and you decide to change
a vehicle, there’s no reason why this couldn’t last you 2 or 3 or 4 vehicles. They’re designed for touring. And let’s face it, you get yourself a dual-cab
ute. You whack a canopy on the back or a tray on
the back, and you can get those little accessories on there like fridges and kitchens and all those things that help make touring this country a breeze.

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  1. Are there modular pull-out/take away camping kitchen kit (setup) available instead of the rear canopy built-in slide out kitchen arrangement??? Non gas modular kitchen kits (if any) will do???


  2. Can you build me 3 brand new TOYOTA LAND Cruiser 79 GX 4WD + 3.5 in. Lift 4.5 TDI V8 4-Dr Crew Cab Off Road Camper Pickup Truck (RHD)??? Please advise


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