EPE Speedy Earth Tent Features

Hi and welcome to Explore Planet Earth.
Today we’re taking a look at our new Speedy 6 Earth Tent. The main features
of this tent are its size, the ease of setup and pack up and it’s packed up
size for portability. The tent is made of a poly-cotton ripstop fabric with a
Teflon coating giving you a 2000 mm waterproof rating and a
heavy-duty PVC floor which gives you a 2500 mm waterproof rating. The external aluminium frame provides a robust skeleton.
Furthermore, the tent is attached with fabric loops and Velcro making it really
easy for any running repairs on the run while you’re out in the bush. The Earth
Tent has a three pole awning, giving you great space for your camping needs,
giving you great protection from the sun and shelter from weather. The tent has
four 3-way windows, you can have them fully opened, fully closed or open with
gussets. They’re for allowing ventilation and two large D shaped doors give you heaps
of versatility in setting up your tent, both inside and outside. Moving inside
the tent, look at the space. Can stand up at the front, tall people in the middle,
and even someone like me can stand at the back. The windows, we mentioned
earlier, we’ve got the setup gusseted closed and open so plenty of ventilation
options, heaps of storage, 13 pockets throughout, including this clear one here.
Drop in your favourite tablet, watch movies in glamping style. Power-chord
entries, just heaps of space, it’s just a great tent. Here you see the tent set up
with the deluxe side panels and the front awning, giving you a great living
space. Both the side panels and the front panel have doors and this mesh
here make your next camping experience really memorable. But the best part about
this whole tent is everything you see here is packed up right in there. The
Speedy 6 Earth Tent, the only tent you need for your next camping adventure.

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