[EN,KR Sub] 말레이시아 멜라카 가성비갑 숙소 추천, 13 $ Hostel in Melaka, Malaysia

A leisurely residential alley (about 400 meters from Jonker Street) Located in a quiet residential area Let’s go inside the gate. There is a small yard. It looks like the owner is Chinese (red). This is the only place you can smoke. Never smoke in the room! A place to change to a slippers in the yard. (Cooked slippers provided) The information desk on the first floor It is just before the Lunar New Year holidays, so it is decorated with bags. Buking.com is rated at 9.2 points in 2017! 1F shared living room It is unusual that the middle of the building is popped up. First floor tour This is a women’s restroom / bathroom Clean interior Shower booth and toilet The common kitchen and dining table on the first floor Personal food storage in refrigerator However, please give your name and check-out date on the leaflet. It is in the yogi. Microwave oven with hot food Even if you boil it, it is OK if you clear only clean What is this? Are you eating? haha Interior Oh … All-day snack bar for free Bread, biscuits, jam. There is nothing else … but it is better than nothing. haha Now, behind the kitchen, Go upstairs to the second floor. There is a common room on the second floor, though not as much as the first floor, RFID card needed for access (oh … quite secure thoroughly?) Requirements locker key. When you enter the room, make sure the card key is plugged in. One card key is given to each person. According to the owner, One here says I always put it in extra. You do not need to worry about it. Note that the card key must be plugged in. You can use an air conditioner and electricity. Would you like to see the room once? here is Female Dormitory. It looks so clean. (Every seat) There are individual curtains. There is one number for each bed. I was assigned three times today. Check out everything in the morning and have no one (currently 10am) I was able to shoot easily. For each spot There is an electrical outlet and (light) stand. This is the stand You can use it conveniently. And this is the air hole coming out of the air conditioner (wind) I can open and close it. It’s amazing how I see it for the first time. And of course on the other side There is also an electrical outlet. There is a locker for storing personal items. I was assigned three times today, When I first opened it, I had a pillow and bedding. It was clean (washed). So I took out the bedding now. I put it on the bed. Bed and bedding in white tones I think it ‘s nice to be clean. Of course I am not sleeping here at night .. (so why did you come …? I will eat out and check out later. (Then why did you come .. lol) It seems to be good. (As you can see from the front) There is actually one air conditioner. There are two hanger stands. The bathroom is here. I think it ‘s good to have a toilet in the room. If you usually go to a dormitory and have a bathroom outside It is good because there are many rooms in this room. Can I see the bathroom? There are two sinks neatly. Overall, the design is modern and new. Left Shower Shower only Do you have a shower? It’s not. I do not like this (fixed type) shower. There are places where you can hang things and clothes. The showers are big. (Ditto) There is a toilet on the right. There is toilet paper. I saw the room in the bathroom right now. It is high enough to be a fag. So even a bunk … you see it now? (Up to the ceiling). I think I can use it without any frustration. The second floor rather than the first floor There is a lot of space left. If you do not like stuffy I think the second floor is probably better. Of course it is more comfortable to climb up and down the ground floor. It seems to be not bad on the second floor (because of wide space). WiFi Get a password and connect. (The card key is written inside the case.) It will burst. I’m not sleeping well. Why did he come to the hostel? Bambam ~ I came to do the encoding (the video to upload) right away. Is there a way to encode it in a cafe only? You can lay it down and make it easier ~ The Modern Cave Boutique Stay I was able to make reservations at 50RM when booking Agoda. I went into the Walk in (without booking) It was the same price. (50 RM=approximately KRW 14,000) Above, Melaka’s residents have experienced It was late in the hostel. Thank you. Trimashka

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