DESERT ROOM – The biggest nomad tent in the world – Crowdfunding

Are you ready to change the world? Away from just being robots, towards humans
with empathy, love and freedom? Look around – The humanity is lost. We’re losing our creativity. We suffer in jobs we don’t like. We eat food that has no real nutrition anymore. We lose our connection to nature. We’re always on the run, always in a hustle. We live in places we don’t want to be. We work and earn money for things we don’t
need or want. All this abundance of our civilisation …. Does
it make you happy? We built walls, fight and even kill each other
instead of finding a common ground to find happiness for everyone. We are looking for the deeper sense in life. We all do, right? For more freedom and happiness. It’s time for a change. Now. What we did to make it happen. We looked around wildly for a solution. And found the answer in the past
The unknown knowledge of the nomads. Since more than 10.000 years they know how
to adapt to the most extreme climate and how to build up a life in one of the most hostile
places on earth – called the desert. They know how to live life in harmony with
nature. They know about the important things in life…
friends, family, healthy food and freedom. They neither have a material abundance and
nor a secure lifestyle. And still, they are much happier
All they need is space. Space to thrive, space to live, space to survive. Our civilisation takes up this space and puts
us into boxes. We all want more space, don’t we? Space to be free, space to be happy, space
to meet friends, space of silence to listen to our inner voice and to follow it, space
to celebrate life, space for self expression, without judgement, space for love and space
to be ourselves. Won’t you agree? We can create this space with the desert room
in the sahara together. In this over 1.200qm large tent we will offer
different events, festivals and workshops for you. Come with us to the Desert Room and make it
happen now. Explore the space, the freedom and the knowledge
of the nomads. Are you ready for a change?

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