Darche Hi-View Rooftop Tent Annex

Howdy campers, Ben from Snowys again. Down at the Four Wheel Drive
show on the Darche stand where they’ve let us come and talk about some of their products. I wanna show you the hi-view
rooftop tent annex here. This is an accessory for
the high-view rooftop tents. This here right now is
attached to a 2200 rooftop tent and there’s different options available. If you buy an 1800 or a 2200 rooftop tent and want an annex for it,
there’s two options available. You can get one that is 2.1 metres high so you can stand under it. But if you’ve got your rooftop
tent mounted to a trailer, and it’s a little bit lower, you can actually get
a 1.6 metre high annex so it fits underneath. The 1400 and the 1600 versions however you can only get a 2.1 metre annex and that actually comes
included with the tent. Now this is the 2.1 metre
annex we’ve got here and I wanna talk about
some of the features. Now the material is a 210 denier polyester with a rip-stop weave through it. Down in the base we’ve
got a 550 GSM PVC floor that is actually removable. You don’t have to have the floor in there. But when it’s zipped in, it’s a nice enclosed space. Now attaching your annex to
your high-view rooftop tent is really easy. There’s a zipper that
runs around the bottom of your rooftop tent. This is my rooftop tent
here, this is the annex here. It simply zips into place. Now the doorways of the annex, there are three of that lead externally. One on each side there and a big wide one at the front there. Now they all have the same
configuration, in that there is a mesh panel on the underside which zips up for a bit
of insect protection and allows the breeze through. And then on top of that there is a big storm flap that covers the whole lot. And these zips overlap the
edge right to the side here. Now I should mention that this awning on the front here does have eyelets in the corners which means you can extend
this out as a bit of shade in front of your annex as well. Each corner’s simply pegged into place with the loops on the side here. And around the side as I mentioned before this door has the same feature, in that this centre area can be enclosed with mesh and then there’s a large storm flap that overlaps it significantly to keep the weather out. There’s one other interest
than you can use with the annex and that’s in the back here. Cause at the moment this is zipped open and this is a trailer
on the other side here. If this is attached to the vehicle, at the moment I’d be able
to access the vehicle from inside the annex. If I wanna enclose the space completely there’s just a single panel
here, a storm-proof panel that I can zip up to
enclose this completely. That’s pretty much all
the features of the annex on the high-view tents. You can pick em up off snowys.com.au lowest prices everyday, free delivery to just about anywhere in Australia. Thanks for watching,
I’ll see ya next time.

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