Coleman Silver Vs Gold Series Instant Up Tents – Differences, Features & Specs Compared

– Hello, my name is Degan
from Tentworld, Toowoomba, and today I’m gonna talk to you about the Coleman Instant Up Tents, and the difference between
the Silver and Golds. So, the Silver one, you
get a lightweight bag, and with the Gold Series,
you get a heavier-duty bag, made of a heavy-duty material. That is because the Gold Series tents are a bit heavier, because
you get heavier-duty tents, and you get extra awning
poles and awning sides. The Coleman Silver Series tents come with a 150 denier polyester fabric, which has a 1.5 metre waterhead rating. So the Coleman Instant
Up Gold Series tents come with a 75 denier, 185 thread count, ripstop polyester fabric. You can see the ripstop with the little squares in the fabric. It has a 3000 millimetre waterhead rating, Twice the waterhead rating of the Silver, which means it’ll handle heavy rain much better than the Silver Series tents. The Silver Series comes
with a polyethylene floor, which is a nice lightweight material, but can be a bit crackly
and noisy under the feet. (crackling) – The Gold Series comes with a luxurious 420 Denier Poly-Oxford PVC flooring. This flooring is a lot
thicker and nicer to walk on and is just as waterproof
as the polyethylene floor. Exclusive to the Gold Series
are the extra side awnings, which can be pitched on
either side of the tent. Which includes three poles
and ropes to set it off. So your Silver Series tents
will come with one door while, if you come over
here, your Gold Series tents will come with doors
in the front and back. So you can have front and
backs access to your tent. With your Gold Series tents
you can set up the awning on both doors and there are
poles included for both. The vents at the bottom of the tents, the Silver Series does not have one while the Gold one does. The vents at the bottom of the tent help with giving extra ventilation which will help with reducing
condensation in Winter and allowing cool air in in Summer even while there is heavy rain. So the Gold Series tents come
with doormats for both doors, which is just made from
a shade cloth material which is good for cleaning shoes and feet off to keep dirt
and grass out of your tent. The last differences between the Gold and Silver Series tents, is that the Gold Series comes with Coleman’s 2 year warranty,
while the Silver Series comes with just a 1 year warranty. After going through all the differences, I think it is worth a few extra bucks to get the Gold Series tents. If you have any more questions come into your local Tentworld or go onto and talk to one of the friendly staff to answer any of your questions.

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