Coleman Instant Up 4P Silver Series Tent Demo & Review

Coleman Instant Up 4P Silver Series Tent Demo & Review

– Hi campers, Brett from
Tentworld in Toowoomba here. Today I’ve got with me the
Coleman Instant Up 4P tent to show you what it’s all about. So let’s get stuck into it. The tent itself comes packed
in this nice little bag here, weighing in about 12.7 kilogrammes. Total length of 112 centimetres, 25 centimetres high and
then 25 centimetres wide, making it very easy for
one person to handle and to put in the back of your car. So when setting up your tent, there are a few things to remember. You wanna find a nice little
area that’s fairly level, that’s not too rough, and that you don’t have
any overhanging tree limbs. Another little tip I can give you is to invest in one of
these ground cover sheets. This is a little eight by
eight foot ground cover sheet. This will fit nicely under our tent here. What it does is pretty much protects the floor of your tent itself and some caravanning and camping places now require you to have
a ground cover sheet. So, if you’d like to find out further information on
ground cover sheets, please go across to our website which is Enough of this business,
let’s get stuck into having a look at what’s in the bag itself. So inside this tent what you’ll find is the main part of the tent, which is the inner and the frame. You’ve also got the external fly, two awning poles, two spare
guy ropes for the awning. You’ve got the pegs down the front there as well as the tent floor repair kit. First thing is to stand the tent up with the hub, or roof centre facing up. Unfold the fabric. Slowly drop the arms to the ground. Raise the arms. Lock the frame into place. And peg the floor corners into position. Now that the inner and frame
are all set up and ready to go, we can now add the external fly. Let’s get into it. When adding the fly, it is best to have a second person to help
pull the fly over the tent. Otherwise, you can fix the
rear S hooks into place and pull it over towards the front. Remember to secure the
fly to the internal frame using the Velcro attachment
points and S hooks, to the corner pegs. For further stability, use the additional guy ropes and pegs provided. This tent is 2.4 by 2.4 metres, with an internal tent height of 1.9 metres and the capacity to sleep four people. Some of the other features include, 150 denier polyester fly and inner, with waterproofing of 1500 millimetres. WeatherTec system welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out. Fully seam-sealed fly
with a large front awning. Large windows with roll-up rear flaps which provides great ventilation. Internal cord management,
with an electrical cord inlet at the front of the tent. There you have it folks, the Coleman Instant Up 4P tent all set up, ready for camping. Now if you’d like to find out further information on
this tent or other tents, please go across to our website, which is or you can go into one of our local stores and talk to our friendly staff. Or, the third option is you can check out some of our other videos on the Tentworld YouTube channel. Cheers, have a great day.

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