Coleman Instant Dome Six Person Tent Review

This week we review a tree. Nah, just kidding. We’re reviewing the Coleman Instant Dome. So yeah. Let’s do that! [Popping Sound] [Donkey Sound] This tent was a wedding present from two friends. I forgot to ask their permission, so I covered
them up with their spirit animals. You’ll pull up to your campsite and you’ll
think this brown area’s gonna be great for camping and there’s this lush green area to the side,
but no. There’s gonna be a porcupine where you want
to put the tent, some spikes, a little pin cushion, and some sort of medieval weapon. I don’t even know what to do with that. The main point being, that there’s usually
not a perfect place to put your tent. So just set it up. Okay, so now I’m going to venture into the
tent. Uh… …okay this is taking a really long time
for me to shut the door and there’s a bottom part there. There’s this
like rain flap thing. Okay we’re in. Oh there I am. Hey guys. Eric CheapAssReviews. Now that we’re antiquated, let’s talk about
the windows on the inside. There’s four in all. One on each side. The two side windows don’t open. The rain fly just butts up against the screen and some air gets in, but not a lot. Not like the front one where it’s wide open
you get a little breeze coming through. Speaking of threw, I threw some stuff in the
side pockets. One on each side. And my wife, she daintily put something in. If you’re bored of puns, hang on because we
got a clip at the top that we can hang somethingfrom. Alright looks like I’m getting out of the
tent here. This is one of my favorite parts of camping. It’s so much fun to just put shoes on without
being able to site down. Gosh, I love it. The outside of the tent. We got the rainfly thing. Some tie down things. There’s like another tie down thing. There’s like a back thing. There’s like a thing that you hit to the ground. A tie down thing. There’s like socks over things. There’s like a pole thing that like goes all
up–sock thing again–to the top. Alright, let’s just put this tent back. I obviously don’t know that much about tents. Let’s pack everything up. A little help from Mrs. CheapAssReviews here. The tents a four person tent, five person
tent, six person tent, something like that. It fits a lot of things inside. It’s very spacious. We liked it. Only gripe was the side windows. Oh and it was impossible to put away. Namaste
[creepy soothing voice] Namaste
[Soothing man interrupting woman] Namaste
[Man saying first woman following] Namaste
[Woman saying it quickly before man] Namaste
[Man saying it first] Namaste
[Woman saying it as a question. Man

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