Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – Worlds Biggest Zombie Fort! (VR 180)

right there mommy
that’s all Tommy its of yours that’s all right
that’s what are you doing out here you can’t be out here this extremely
dangerous their arms their arms you guys are already turning guys if your visions
a little bit blurry get the quality button and raise it to maximum settings
and also use your finger to move around and look but don’t worry we’re gonna get
you patched up and better we have some stuff at the base but you’re gonna have
to follow us you shouldn’t been out here all right
come on follow us we’ll get you to the base I owe some guys this is where we’ve
been holding up against the zombie apocalypse as you see we’ve done our
best to prepare a box where they can survive the entire onslaught of zombies
we got cool towers and steel and forest walls and everything we need to survive
food ammunition blasters and much more gee guys don’t look too good
yeah they don’t guys we’re gonna get you to the Med Bay just just stay with us
it’s all right it’s all right guys guys right now alright sorry we’re gonna get
you stabilized Logan Howard’s five signs vitals are
reading pretty good Jake he’s stable yeah it looks like his pulse is good he
hasn’t fully turned yet I think we’ll be able to help him I’m gonna take a quick
blood pressure check on you we’re gonna need the antidote right now pass the IV bag come don’t worry we’re
gonna get you fixed up this is a compound we’ve been working on for a
little while it should stop the zombie virus completely and heal you up all
right this might burn a little bit and then it might sting a little bit but
should be enough to heal you that’s about all you need okay let’s get this
on you there we go guys how does that feel all right should take only a couple
minutes to stabilize but you should start feeling better guys if you’re
feeling a little better smack that like button oh yeah you can see it’s already
retracted the virus is better you’re starting to cure looks like we got a new
member of the zombie Defense Force please welcome to the team guys all
right well now that you’re all awake and ready to go why don’t we show you the
rest of the base show you what we’re doing here
all right guys welcome to the armory this is where we have all of our
supplies to defend against the zombies now me looking a bit on a lot of supply
missions so we’re pretty stacked and everything from ammunition to blasters
everything we need to defend the base first things first guys we’re gonna have
you set up in one of the towers we have multiple towers surrounding the base
defending us I’m looking careful with the ammo man come on now these towers
defend the base from all of the zombies yeah
yes and we have a Gatling gun now what I need you guys to do is to pick your
blaster that you’re gonna use to help defend the base in the towers once you
take a look around and see what you can find oh nice
the all tactical sniper good choice alright well here you go
and to get you started here is fully loaded box of ammo you can use those
bats on zones now for me I think I’m gonna go a little old-school on this one
actually you know what let’s go for the high-powered high range blaster Logan
you get yours ready I’ll get mine ready you guys need to get up to the tower and
start looking out have to get your zombies coming good luck
you don’t look come on you’re right take them out good job
alright keep on the lookout busy we got one coming in from the left nice you got him good job taking out
those zombies up there you’re really helping us see more coming through the
east tower here well she grabbed the new button and head
up there we’ll keep taking them out from down there but we’re gonna need all the
aerial support we can get hi-yah there this blasters got a bit more power to it
so use your wisely all right super surprise that’s honest
you’re doing great just keep fire going behind the barrier nice one let’s think we got third one oh hi guys great shooting up there you
really helped save the base unfortunately though things are getting
a little too hot I think we need to move until the zombies cool down a little bit
let’s go guys grab you’re welcome to meet us outside we’re gonna fight our
way out of this place you see the donkey point about let’s take that energy
everyone stay that tension right go good job guys well if you got one right there I got
this one good job come on let’s get out of here to safety
all right we’re here we’re good to get out of here guys
great job in defense against the zombies you’ve been amazing you guys want more
of these awesome VR videos remember to drop a like on this video be sure to
comment down below what you think we should do next in VR and stay tuned for
an awesome new zombie series coming very soon but thanks so much for watching
guys this has been Pappa Jake and look we’ll see you guys next time

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