BOX FORT TITANIC SINKING! – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 3

check this out this is the biggest box
for to ever set sail hey what’s going on everyone its Papa
Jake and we are back with a brand new video and it is day numero three here in
baxworth City the series where we are building our city and surviving in it
for as long as you guys want by destroying that like button and getting
50,000 likes every single video we stay another night and we have currently been
living here for a while two nights this is my house if you guys haven’t
seen yet its really awesome I got I got a shower in it and my own little bedroom
in there and Logan’s got his house look what happened let me give you a
little recap of what just happened everything was going my way the Sun was
shining it was a beautiful day a beautiful day yeah and I decided okay
I’m gonna jump on the Unicorn yeah that makes sense how things things went wrong
for Logan all right well Logan’s drying off why don’t I give you guys a little
update on what is going on in box force to be because today is a very special
day we are gonna be building the world’s biggest the world’s strongest the
world’s longest box for Titanic it will be quite honestly the biggest box fort
that has ever set sail in the history of mankind great people like Leonardo da
Vinci have tried Emperor’s like Julius Caesar have tried but none of them were
able to do it and that’s why today for our box for City we thought it would be
super sweet to build our very own Titanic think we have built the Titanic
before it ended poorly this one’s bigger looking it’s longer its badder it’s
better in every single way I’m out of adjectives but if I had some more I
would say some other things about it because it’s gonna be awesome
we’ve got stacks on stacks of floaties we’ve got one two three which is gonna
be the base for our Titanic and more importantly not rope Logan that’s
actually one of the least important things more importantly we’ve got this
the engine not not the little kit that he’s not the engine this is the engine a
Yamaha but even more important than that Logan there’s something I forgot to
mention it’s at the end of every video we give a massive shadow to one of you
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do I join the squad well you need to do
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but Logan if we’re gonna be building the world’s largest Titanic for our box for
city and setting sail across the ocean we’re gonna need to get these floaties
inflated and ready to go I just realized where are we gonna build this thing well
the city’s kind of taking up a lot of space I mean we’ve got the general store
we got Logan’s house we got streetlights there’s there’s not really any space
left but I think if we build it right here it’ll be just enough root to build
this beast and then we can just slide her into the pool the first things first
we need to turn these into floaties in 3 2 1 we got to it’s gonna be massive so now
to make you truly the Titanic we need the last one to go here to Jake I think
it’s upside down again why are we doing this because Logan in box fort City it’s
all about making money so we can buy cool stuff upgrade our house and what
better way to make money then owning our own crew ship it’s a little bit of an
investment right now but once we have this bad boy up and running guys we are
gonna have so much money I mean yeah in the last episode I tracked down that guy
who stole from the general store and put them in prison I’m a pretty good cop but
I can only be a cop for so long pulling as Logan we need to make big
money and to make big money you need big investments that’s why I need all the
money you have left cough it up I got to go buy some supplies from the general
store all right perfect this should be enough
all right i’ma head to the general store and grab some supplies I’ll be right
back case you were wondering why my fort is a big green tarp the weather forecast
said it was supposed to rain a lot today so I thought I would tarp it up just in
case I mean I gotta say it didn’t end up raining today if it does end up raining
we will be secure it’s a Lamborghini you bought this with my money baby how is this Lamborghini gonna help us
with our Titanic cruise ship right that’s why I went in there for I mean I
went in there totally ready to buy Titanic cruise ship items and then I saw
this on the shelf and I thought Jake don’t put away your Lamborghini and go
get us some supplies all right guys Logan doesn’t like the
Lamborghini I don’t understand why he doesn’t like it but once we get this
Titanic up and running we’ll be able to buy all the Lamborghinis we want think
I’m gonna put this Labrador their only problem is now I gotta go spend all of
my money on buying us supplies for the Titanic which means if this thing fails
we’re completely out of money in a pretty much fail box port city this
thing works we’re gonna have enough money to build four-story five-story
maybe even six storey forts everything we need from luxury items to safety
vests to escape hatches to even a motor to power the ship now all we need to do
is lay down our cardboard beep this all together and soon enough we’ll be
setting sail in the biggest box for it to ever sail alright guys check this out
this thing is already looking massive we actually couldn’t built the entire
Titanic all in one place because it’s just so long this is only two floaties
yeah so we need to push this into the water deck this entire thing out and
then build another floaties which is gonna be the captain’s quarters and
we’re gonna add that to the front of this obviously we got a ton of really
cool stuff we got put in here we got put in like our life vests
we need tables deidara we need an engine to power the thing there’s a lot of
interior work that needs to be done but the shell of it is coming together and
it’s looking more and more like the biggest box for to ever set sail I think
this is big enough oh it’s not big enough local we’re going with Baker
we’re going with Titanic on this thing so we need to get the roof on this get
this in the water build the captains quarters deck it out and then we can set
sail and the biggest box work to ever so we’ve invested a lot of resources and
time into building this box for Titanic we are now about ready to put the first
section of the Titanic in the pool we got one of the safety features already
put on here we’ve got an extra dinghy in case something were to happen you know
safety is our number one priority that’s what we’re gonna have our own emergency
room in case anything bad were to happen now in order to make the front of the
ship the captains quarters and deck to ship out it has to be in the water so
first things first let’s get this in the pool this isn’t the full ship this is
only two thirds all right we went sideways with this thing fully built you
might be able to go from one side to pull the other without even getting wet now we are connecting part 1 of the
Titanic with the captains corridors all the way to part 2 so basically we need
to make two doors kind of like an airlock in the spaceship that once we
get into captain’s quarters we can tape the rest of the Titanic to it and have
one massive boat guys Boxford City is looking beautiful we got Jake’s house my
house over there have you checked on your prisoner I haven’t but I know that
he’s safe and sound inside the world’s best police station so I don’t I don’t
even need to worry about it okay guys now all we need to do is connect both of
them like so check this out this is the biggest box port to ever set sail dude
if we stood this up on the side it would be the tallest box for it ever built as
well we need to add smoke stacks we need to employ safety devices we also got to
make sure that the interior is true to the Titanic nature I mean we need to
make it really fancy inside you know a place to have your dinner all the stuff
you’d want to have in the Titanic because we’re gonna have customers
riding this cruise ship it needs to be as good as possible as you can see the
ship is almost as long as the pool essentially if you were to pay for your
ticket and are a verified customer the Titanic would be docked you simply get
on and do just take a look at this I don’t even know you can see the other
end guys look it’s really long yeah it’s still a little messed inside we still
gotta make the interior really awesome get lights in here and all that cool
stuff but right now this is just looking insane we’re in the the skeleton of the
Titanic right now it is not decorated to be honest guys right now it doesn’t look
that fancy we still have a lot of work to do in here guys right now it kind of
looks like a shipwreck so we have a lot of work to do on this thing to make it
tip-top so that we can actually have some customers come and enjoy this thing
well it is now night time and unfortunately we’re not going to be able
to set sail in the box for Titanic today that’s why I came back to my house and
got all nice and cozy inside when we wake up tomorrow the first thing on the
list to do is to finish the box for Titanic and set sail
of course the guys every time our video gets 50,000 likes we sleep another night
in the box for city which means tonight I’m gonna be sleeping another beautiful
night inside the box for city honestly one of my favorite box for its I love
the fact that I have an entire house to myself I have my own little room here
with my own light that I can dim and turn off when I’m going to bed
so I think I’m gonna get cozy up here in bed and get to sleep because tomorrow we
got a really big day so I’ll update you guys in the morning when I wake up there’s a going on outside right now yeah port structure
is not holding things are leaking water is getting everywhere look if we’re
gonna set sail load it right now what we need to set sail right now I mean we get
it there time to set sail and ships gonna sink we gotta go we gotta go
gee it is pouring rain just gotta go man chief is water coming in through the
floor I see that look it’s dripping everywhere there’s a torrential
rainstorm to hurricane and you want to go in the Titanic yeah I think it’s the
only way Jake ah it’s not a good idea to set sail
in a thunderstorm lightning monologue it used to be a luxury cruise ship Thunder
speaking up the wind is really strong I think we
need to get out we’re so getting out of the ship won’t
listen to me but we’re both this tight eh – laughs and that’s exactly what its
gonna do we can dig now is no time for breakfast all right captain’s log 47 92
the ship is holding up the rain is very strong there’s also thunder do not try
this at home there is thunder and lightning looks like the wind is picking
up though and the waves are getting extremely strong with ships getting
thrown around like crazy this is not what we wanted to do we wanted to make
this a luxury box for we wanted to have a nice dining room a place to sleep a
place to eat this was supposed to be a billionaire cruise ship we did not
anticipate waking up and having it be a torrential downpour we have water
leaking on the ship in all places and my main concern right now is keeping this
thing afloat it was not built for a hurricane
Logan Oh No there you go buddy Jake yeah what’s my knees going through the floor okay okay we have structural breach it’s
called the structural breach or give me up why you drinking your coffee right
now this is an emergency oh wait you got breakfast so you told
you guys the ship comes with the breakfast that’s the beautiful thing
about the Titanic it’s got the nicest breakfast honestly if you ever do write
it right we’re in emergency Logan just steak
hangout stress-eating G all right don’t stress see that’s oh no captain score
just taking a massive beating Logan oh oh no Logan we’re taking on water
oh no no no no no we got an emergency right now locate the cabins quarters and
pull me down okay oh no no no no no we’re losing the
Titanic on the Titanic is officially starting to sink
Jake you spent all our money on this place you think that was gonna be our
game and why are you still eating well least we have the main section of the
ship okay you just gotta reinforce her make sure she has a safe we’re already
on it see if we can’t afford to go down backup we can fix her Jake where’s our
safety equipment g-force again an alarming rate Jake fight to stay calm
stay calm if taking on water this isn’t good this place ship still up
right Jake this partnership is fully submerged in water okay okay listen I
have an idea okay if we could get to the second part of the ship we should be
okay take the safety grip it off Britany
Yamaha whoopee yeah my mom are gonna do to help us get out of this mess look
like the main part of the shit that’s holding up pretty well I think the front
in the back took a big beating and that’s why we’re losing it and the old
gate Jake we didn’t even get to decorate this place it is and the rain is still
coming down what did you think about it did you over roof over our heads you
want breakfast I mean if this is I don’t know cake do not kind spin that for this
section of course start thinking what guys have got an idea I’ve got a wrench
here where did you get a wrench oh it’s part of the safety features on
the ship if I can get underneath the ship with the Yamaha I might be able to
repair and stop it from leaking can save the main section of the ship it’s a bit
risky but I’m gonna have to go underwater I don’t know if you’ve looked
around but I don’t think this ship is worth salvaging
we’re gonna have to try Logan it’s our only shot all right going under now I need to do is find out where the
leaks coming from to try what a little air pocket the ship dick I
don’t think there’s any chance of fixing this boat we gotta try luggage bye no-no-no ships already gone dorm thought
that least that’s great linking the whole box for Titanic has gone down well
at least we’re still in this part of ship I mean it’s pretty ok right now
other than the massive amount of water I mean it’s like I don’t even have my
coffee yeah that’s true over here in the kitchen they just come on over to the
kitchen it’s in that part of the ship that’s also sunk but I’ll take it’s a
good thing I caught by for it it’s all fill in for this video gets 50,000 likes
we’re staying another night here which means I need to repair get my house back
up in order unfortunately I think our our business venture to make a bunch of
money in the Titanic didn’t work out so it looks like in the next video we’re
gonna need new jobs and new ways to get money now me Jake I’m an archaeologist
sure we’ll figure that out but of course guys no video would be complete without
giving a massive shout out to one of our amazing squad members in today’s amazing
squab ever is but guys we have a lot of building to do
it a lot of patching up on this fort so do not forget to smack that like button
let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and we’ll see you guys next time for another

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