BOX FORT BANK ESCAPE With DIY Spy Gadgets! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 5

the bank manager was storing some sort
of piece of paper for the mayor inside the bank will open up a box for car
dealership and then we can lure him out of the bank to buy a car I mean even
better we can give him a test-drive go go in the car for like an hour that’ll
give us ample time to break in and steal the documents but he’s hiding them in a
safe they must be pretty important step
inside the car Mart you got yourself a nice car dealership going on I actually
happen to be looking for a car myself all right mr. bank manager well I will
just call up my top sales associate to come and assist you with this Jake I’m
right here greatest of service all right well why don’t you head on over with
Logan they’ll show you what we have left just if you can meet me around front
that would be awesome I’ll meet you up front and see what you get
all right mr. bank manager welcome to our state-of-the-art car dealership
where we have some of the finest cars you’ve ever seen wow this is nice what
is this gas power this is our electric quad motor quad tired quad mobile that
goes over 200 miles per hour wow that’s a lot of quad I do like my quad go for a
test-drive you see when I Drive around I want everyone to know that I’m the
richest man in Baltimore this car will definitely do
now this quad mobile does have a lot of power so be extra careful all right
let’s see what this baby’s got okay just slow Jake Jake hold on one second Logan
I’m a little busy with the phone what do you mean you don’t sell Pizza it’s
illegal in box for a city you got Brad don’t you you got tomato sauce yeah you
got cheese okay well then you have pizza okay okay you trying to kill you no no
no this is a state of the art I told you be careful
I don’t want it what else you got okay well the only other item we have
currently are these foot cars what’s a foot car well you strap them to
your feet and you just drive around I guess I could give these a shot much
safer than the quad mobile less expensive but more safe do I look rich
oh yeah you look very rich people know I have money right people will know you
have all the money and guess what we have a special promotion going on right
now with the mayor where you can take these out outside a box fort City for
one hour outside a box for a city why would I want to do that that’s illegal
well you can go off-roading with these super shoes off their operators oh yeah
they go off-road and that’s sanctioned by the mayor for one day and this day
only yes it is one hour outside well I haven’t been on the box for a
city in a while I guess I could lock the bank up and take an hour vacation
alright I’ll do it so I could just take these to any off-road park like a
mountain or anything and just go down it’ll be fine that’s exactly what I’m
saying stay saved money see you in an hour
sounds great I’ll see you in an hour Jake business all right that’s good bye
sometime okay now that the bank manager is gone guys it gives us a chance to
break into the bank and find out what’s in that safe I think we need to come up
with a plan though we’re only gonna have an hour Logan I say we drive to the
arcade I get in a new change of clothing and we put together a plan to break into
that safe and find those documents Jake do we really need to drive there
it’s just we need to drive there okay it’s all the way over there hop in hop
in we’re going come on get inside all right we’ll be at the arcade in no time
to put this baby into second gear see I told you hey everyone it’s Papa Jake and
we are back with another video and we are currently hiding out inside the box
fourth City arcade which seems to be the only safe place right now inbox port
city because as you guys know some weird stuff is going down in box port city I
mean we’ve seen a lot of weird stuff from the fact that we’re not allowed to
leave from the fact that we’re not allowed junk food to the fact that the
mayor in the last video you guys spotted her with a box containing Doritos hey
this is a big deal the bank managers out right now which means we can finally
break into the bank exactly and guys if you’ve been watching
these videos you know that the bank manager put something in a safe for the
mayor and it seems to be extremely important now if we can break into the
bank while he’s out we can find out what that is and hopefully figure out what is
going on here I mean you guys have a lot of theories in the comments and by the
way keep commenting down below your theories some people are saying zombies
some people are saying Italians other people are saying that the mayor’s just
a kind old lady who doesn’t want people junk food I don’t know but the only way
to figure it out is to get to the bottom of this
which means Logan we are going to need to break into the bank and to do that
I’m assuming we need some spy gear oh yeah
we need spy you’re Logan and as a seasoned veteran of breaking into banks
and breaking out of prisons basically I break in I break out doesn’t matter I do
both I know exactly what we need we need to go to the box Ford store and get
ourselves to spy you right no no no no no absolutely not Logan I do not trust
the box for store owner anymore teach you not here I’m in the last video what
I do do special orders into box for at City for the mayor all the time special
orders for the mayor and remember the mayor dropped off the bag of Doritos in
the store so no no no no no we ain’t going back to the box fort City store
okay we’re gonna have to do this our own way I think the only place we can get
awesome spy here at an awesome discount with tons of cool gadgets and toys and
other stuff is to go to the pop Jake store alright guys so now I’m in the
Pappa Jake store which if you guys did not know is the ultimate place to get
all of the cool gadgets and items you see in our videos link in the
description down below now let’s head on over here there’s tons a box for
building stuff we also got some nerf accessory stuff but oh right right right
ok so we’re gonna go to the spy gear section here so I’m gonna grab some of
this and that’s my cart add that to my cart all right now we’re we’re getting
somewhere here Logan we’re starting to assemble a bank heist mission gear set
and there we go place order perfect and also guys if you didn’t know you can get
10% off your order using code City during our city series
and guys while we’re waiting for the spider to arrive and remember to smash
that subscribe button at the end of our video and of course guys don’t forget to
destroy that like button if you love our box for a city series and you wanted to
continue and comment down below what you think we should build I mean right now
we’re in a bit of a pickle because we might be dealing with an evil mayor but
if everything goes as planned I still want to expand the city I still want to
build I’m a builder at heart Logan you need to let me build that’s true Jake we
haven’t even been able to build our own houses here treci
don’t stress eat bobbles on them okay okay what are we gonna do in the mean
time Jake okay well there is something we can do follow me I’ve been thinking
about the secret safe that was left to us by the neighbor now I still have no
idea what’s in that it could be nothing but while we’re waiting for our shipment
of super awesome spy gear to come so we can break into the bank I thought we
could try and break open that safe and see what the neighbor was leaving I mean
if he was holding on to it while we were trying to give a medical treatment in
Boxford hospital it’s got to be pretty special so Logan wants you hop in and
we’ll drive on over to where we stashed him oh yeah man I gotta squeeze through
the bank and the car dealership this is a perfect place to hide it now we knew
that the mayor might be after this book so we stashed it where she would never
look all right well here it is now all we need to do is figure out a way to get
inside it let’s bring this bad boy out and see if we can opener okay well as we
know whenever a youtuber can’t open the safe there’s multiple ways that you can
do it I say we try a few of those ways here let’s see if we can break open this
safe Jake what do you mean and have you not seen every single youtuber on
YouTube trying to open a safe they always try and like drop it from
somewhere hi run over it with the car but we can do all that here I mean we’ve
got a car first things first let’s run over it and see if it open you totally
missed it I’m starting to see some damage on the
bus there goes our car dealership how it’s gonna look like something’s really
wrong here Jake well did the safe open no the safe did not open it’s completely
closed the next thing everyone does is they drop it from somewhere hi you’re
tall here drop somewhere hi we ran over it with a car well that’s half when we
done it works we open the safe important steep this looks like it’s box for city
holdup it’s the entrance what in the food you
know escape and there’s a number here run and Trent’s shipping I think these
are plans to escape from box for city it’s clearly outlining different escape
routes here it looks like cross them off that’s where they found him when he
brought him in that he was all cut up and bleeding he must have something must
have happened in the forest he must have gone now his hands look really weird
Jake it was it’s in the film I had something to do with the junk food or
the Doritos or whatever this is all really good stuff but we’re
on a time frame all right guys we need to start breaking into that bank I’m
gonna take this with us and I am hold on to this for because it could it
could also be clues right all right Logan it looks like all of our stuff was
delivered and it’s all here for us to pull off this bank heist gas mask of our
face helps protect us in case there’s anything weird going on got a bomb to
blow through the blast door which I’m assuming is defending the vault in here
now this is our spy gear case night vision goggles motion detectors sound
amplifiers this baby can break through almost any lock okay
all we need to do is gear up and head on over to the bank first things first we
need to get that door open because as you know he locked it I think I have a
plan on how we can get in you didn’t take this car so we’re gonna need it let
me use this chain and the torque on this four-wheeler is to pull the door off I
think it should work Jake I just thought of one major flaw with this plan was
that looks like a disaster and what if the mayor sees well Logan if anyone sees
we’ll just say we were playing in the arcade we have no idea what happened
maybe a tornado came through we don’t know one we need to break into this Bank
how do you know there’s not security cameras chance forgot to take all right there we go all right guys
attach our grappling hook to the end of this chain through our hole like so now
we’re gonna run the chain to the back of the car pulling the store off and linux
into the bank hopefully this works to loop the chain off and there we go I
think the bank manager gonna know we ripped his door off he’s obviously gonna
know someone broke into his bank Logan you can’t exactly break into a bank and
not leave everything tidy as it was but the fact is he doesn’t need to know we
broke into his bank now come on watch the door in three two one go you didn’t pull the whole tour off but
forget in we get in oh yeah he’s not gonna be too happy about this
don’t hurt come on let’s keep moving all right let’s make our way in here find
that vault as far as I can tell he sealed off the entire entrance to go
back to where the vaults are if I’m correct there should be a back way we
can get in it might take us a little bit longer but if we can crawl through the
venting system you might be able to find our way around and into the vaults Jake
how are we doing for time my watch is correct we should have about thirty
minutes okay you got 30 minutes to break in the bank
grab the files and get out of here before they even know we did it okay
looks like they’re pulling me through here come on all right yeah I think I
found the backup for a moving clock so okay looks like we’re dealing with a
pressure lock system here I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through this one
all right let’s see if there’s anything on the keypad yeah well we got
fingerprints but problem is I can’t tell which order they’re in and if we set
this off the wrong way it’s gonna set off every alarm in this city
we can’t risk trying the wrong password on this well how are we gonna get
through the door my depth detectors saying that this thing is 10 inches
thick there’s no way we’re gonna blow through it and there’s no way we’re
gonna get here with the lock try hacking into that but that’s gonna take way too
much time gee what’s this event should we not just go through the vent then
open that might be the best idea you’ve had all day if there’s a vent system
then it’s gonna lead in there I mean they need Bentall each and inside the
safer okay hold on see if you can pull the vent off yeah hold your breath get your gas masks on
now why is there toxic gas inside the thing
that’s a really good question they don’t don’t let us talk to gas
inside the bank maybe it’s because everything here is weird it looks like
this vent is being used to ventilate something with touch I think they’re
doing a lot more than just storing money back here you

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