[BEATTV] Last Shelter – S3 영웅(Hero) 소환 대박 성공! Hero jackpot ▶ 라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat

Wow! It’s here!
Wow! Awesome! Wow! It’s on! I’ll summon the S3 hero.
The hero you want is Large engineer Lee Ji-won Let’s summon him slowly. Ah~ The Confederates are the trainers, the hero! I’ve summoned 10 of them, but they haven’t come back yet. I’ll try 10 more. Come out! Come out! Come on out!
Please! Not purple! Open 3 boxes of single event I’ve summoned 20 of them, but they’re not working. It’s only purple.
Let’s go! Summoning for single event.
The League has summoned the “receiver” hero! Timing! Let’s summon Chapter 10!
Arms dealer. That’s too bad. Huh? The Death Knight!
The Death Knight instead of Lee Ji-won… But…
It’s not a death knell The first 20 failed. The League picked a hero in front of us.
I think it’s here. Thank you.^^ Death Knight Pool Skill Sounds perfect. Death knights Full Skill!
You’re starting well! Now, S3’s target is Lee Ji-won.
Shall we do this? Summon by clicking on supplementation of necessary resources
Let’s go! Lee Ji-won. Leader… five seconds off.
Let’s go! Purple… Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go You don’t even get orange!
Twenty-five pages in a split second. Avenger Let’s go Three more summons!
The Savior, not the Savior. Lee Ji-won! Oh, shit.
I’ll summon five more. 1 2 3 4 5 Arms dealer…Bitch 10 more for the timing! Oh, purple… Oh, there’s one left. It’s now Oh, let me go. Goal is Lee Ji-won Let’s go!
I’ll click. I’ll do my best. Please, please, please. Trainee…. Ah… Ten more summons. One, two, three, four.
Oh, what is it? The tram master. Let’s go. Let’s go, though. Oh, my God. Purple. The energy of failure is gradually…… We’re using 90 from 150 S3 now. There are 40 left. Last summons. All I want is Lee Ji-won.
Large engineer Lee Ji-won!!! Let’s go! Sergeant first class Let go! Swindler four officers Wait a minute. Let go!
Ah, the arms dealer… That’s too bad. Ah, the arms dealer… Let’s go Aaaa Annaone Ha ha. Wow.
It’s here. Wow! Wow, it’s amazing! It’s here!
Wow! Wow! You made it! Wow! I can’t believe I’m crying. Thank you for your congratulations. You made it. Finally, Lee Ji-won in his hands! You’ve changed your face.
When I first saw her four months ago…It was okay. Open 8th Skill! Skill 8. Hill Usage Skill. It’s finally opening.
Two arms dealers Good Let’s go! It’s finally opened! Our support… Skill levelup Wow~Nice~!
Finally, use it!!! Thank you. Subscribe! Great! Please press it!
Thank you.

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