24 HOUR TOYS R US BOX FORT! Ultimate Toys R Us Fort With Cars, Toys & More! (Part 2)

let’s bubble up in three two one attention all shoppers
this is Papaji I’m looking for Logan to wake up I’m doing it
helmets on windscreen on and three two well that didn’t work and we are back
with a brand new video and today we are currently inside Toys R Us that’s right
guys we are inside Toys R Us Canada because one well it’s still open if you
guys they know Toys R Us Canada still open it did not close but two we have
the entire store to ourselves literally the entire store is open to us we are
gonna be facing up and surviving overnight in Toys R Us now I know you
think of Poppa Jake surviving over 90 Toys R Us that could be harder than
surviving out in the Arctic well actually it’s not because there’s pretty
much everything we want here there’s a tons of toys to play with
there isn’t exactly food but there is a ton of candy so what I thought was we
would do a challenge and we have to use everything in the store to one build
ourselves like a base to survive in but to anything we used to survive has to
come from the store of course if you are just tuning in to this channel guys do
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there’s so much stuff we need to put so much yo guys there’s even like a massive
I was thinking we could play like some ball hockey you know maybe there’s like
a ton of stuff to do here but the first things first before we get all the fun
stuff we need shelter because obviously we’re inside but you know we need
something cool in that so I saw you’re looking I was actually thinking
this if we were walking by check this out they’ve got bunker panels all here
we could grab a bunch of these mix it with some cardboard and make ourselves
an awesome sport to survive in maybe you know head on over to the gaming area
over there so we can actually like a TV screen in our fort grab whatever you
want dude you can have these we’ll head on over there and we’ll start blowing
them up and then we can start building the base
I think first things first guys we’re gonna make our base and kind of collect
all of the cool stuff that we found obviously we can grab whatever we want
in the store I mean the selection is insane but as of right now I’ve got
myself a helmet got some fuckers here I’ve got my RC and we also have some
scooters and Logan found a penny board but there’s a lot more to go so let’s uh
we will need to find some stuff though to actually like make our fort awesome
so I think we need to find like some pillows maybe some blankets for you know
sleeping maybe some like decorations for inside and then a bunch of games and
like I said also some candy there’s a lot of stuff we gotta do so let’s load
up the car here and start heading over to where we’re gonna build oh wait gonna
grab some walkie-talkies so we can communicate each other all right
load it up car is ready to go to gaming way all right made it alright well I say we
set up base for the night here perfect place to build our base I guess so check
you know we just went ahead and inflated a bunch of these bunkers so we’re gonna
be using this with a little bit of cardboard that we grabbed to make our
base here I’m thinking we can make like a bunch of walls with this and then put
up like a ceiling using these and then use the cardboard of course for the
floor now we are going to get some other stuff to put in this thing like maybe
some cozy blankets or like some chairs to kind of sit in but so far this should
be enough to start the base that we’re gonna survive in for the night and I
mean look we even have Mario honestly like literally right here on the streets
we can play that whenever we want and we’re in the video game section was
you’re pretty cool check it out I got some card more a nice dude got the
cardboard I was thinking you could have like our parking garage over here so
this would be like the garage you know where we parking our big wheel so if we
need to go around go on an excursion get some food or maybe some toys we go out
on these but yeah I think right now we just start building you guys set up the
base and then we can move on to the next step alright guys so check this out we just
finished building our Toys R Us overnight for look at this we’ve got
everything you insane dude a bunch of the bunkers this thing looks so cool now
we didn’t have that many slabs of cardboard but what we did have is a
little bit that we can make kind of like a like a nook area there I’ve got to
turn on the lights so check this out so this is actually like our garage area
here we’ve got my car here with my with my helmet we got Logan’s car over here
and inside the garage I forgot to close the garage door case a spooky people
coming tonight this is the garage door and then of
course you walk through this kind of walkway here and this goes into the fort
area which we have a bunch of room for now it’s a little bit empty right now we
don’t have any candy to eat or any pillows or anything like that but Logan
I was thinking our very first mission of the night could be the head out and find
pillows blankets anything that we could put in this base to make it even cooler
while we survive here overnight alright let’s go on a little mission all right
let’s get the cars fired up and head out and see what we can find
we gotta move we gotta close the door here alright loading calendar rapture
I’ll get on my car we’re gonna head out our objective is to find anything comfy
anything cool and then you know I’m sure we’ll get distracted on the way so let’s
sell let’s head out time to go on a night mission oh yeah nothing better than driving to
Toys R Us on my Dino cart wonder what we could play with should we
play with something in here oh dude there’s a toilet cool asleep in here
dude I’ve always wanted to play with these all we should blow these up and
have a match together a big bubble fight yeah dude a big bubble fight idea let me
put the bubble and mix it with the scooter Jake you got to be very careful we definitely didn’t have as much room
as I thought we would to play around in we need stuff for our fourth so let’s
head it over see if we can find anything else back come on guys – we get five in toys-r-us never thought I’d be doing
this guys all right looks like here is mostly girls toys it’s been a bunch of
Barbie alright guys I don’t you’re thinking we need a stuffed animal for
the port your snuffles alright suppose you’re coming with me
this will be our guard we’re done here for now now you stay there mmm whoa guys this will be perfect okay
maybe we take one of these nice little chairs that’ll make for some nice
furniture let’s head on over to the baby section now I know you think your Papa
Jake why are you going to the baby section so he’s getting me well that’s
because the baby section has the most comfy stuff hmm I think we can sleep in
these we could bring an entire chair to our fort and if I was just a little bit
smaller I could technically sleep in here
tonight it is almost the size of me that’s a little bit smaller than me man
I found a real-life Kinect for what that’s so sick look reset all right guys
Papa Jake versus Logan Connect four let’s see who’s gonna win
place your bets down below I got this papa Jake’s Connect four master guys
looks like I won all right you know though you want but there’s only because
we were playing the gym expect for ya do you want to do basketball shots mister
look at that bounce right back I was like a carnival game all right well I
mean we did get some stuff for the base I got a fluffy cat I don’t know what
Logan gob but I’m sure you got a little couch thing
okay all right not too bad I say before dinnertime which by the way for Darrin
time we’re literally only having candy but before dinner time why don’t we just
have fun while we just go around good thinkin we have an epic Toys R Us Canada
playing montage let’s go for it baseball alright Jake let’s see it alright hey guys I think that’s enough
baseball about golf alright for the mini putting golf tournament you have to go
through the red couch first putter up here all right Logan off the couch
basket over there okay let’s go alright I guess that concludes our sports for
the day I’m exhausted think I’ve worked up quite an appetite I say I race you
back to our home base and once we’re back at our home base we’ll set it up
make you nice and cozy and then I think it’s time to go grab dinner from the
candy section all right race you there oh come on guys we can’t let Logan win
just we’re lucky come on come on let’s go you’re not winning this one Logan
there we go there’s no way Logan’s winning this one and straight into the garage now hey
buddy haha get a Parker right up here do this
base looks so sweet oh don’t forget about mr. flippy come on let’s flip you
get inside Jake it looks like we only got two
things long day mr. poopy he’s our guard cat or dog or thing
however they know what he is that was a lot of driving that was a lot of racing
and now we’re back at our luxurious awesome fort I mean I think we’ve had a
pretty good time in Toys R Us Canada all by ourselves we’ve gotten to do
everything we’ve ever wanted to do except for a few things all right you
know what Logan I see right now we go grab some candy from the candy aisle
because I don’t know about you but I am starving yeah I could use some food it’s
crazy I just noticed him here awesome
all right well Kenny section should be right here okay now I know what you’re
thinking it’s not a conventional dinner pop nice candy caramel come watch this
candy and load up for the night not the most nutritious dinner but it’ll do you
telling me hubba bubba is a nutritious I beg to differ
oh wait can I get a toy please Jake you’re literally surrounded by toys you
can have any toy you want any toy I’m getting a squishy cat come on no this is
I’m gonna call you meow now you can see you’re by a guard dog all right well I
mean so much but uh dig in for dinner how cool is that I think this is
honestly been the best day of my life oh oh look one cheek it’s rude to chew with
your mouth open and I can barely hear we have done a ton of stuff there’s even
more to do tomorrow so I think for now we’re gonna get to bed
try and grab some sleep in here we cannot control the lights so I guess we
can control our lights I mean that’s kind of why we made this like overhang
here I’m gonna sleep here with mr. fluffy knowing mr. flippy is out the
front door Logan did you close the garage
yep guys all the doors are closed garage is closed and we are ready for bath you
guys in the morning this has been the most amazing day and
if you guys think so as well be sure to smack the like button but I’m gonna go
to bed on my weird bear thing holding my weird cat Fox dog she got good night
guys it’s the worst place to sleep this is something I have literally
always wanted to do every time I’ve been in this store and I think I’m gonna use
it to wake up Logan good wake up that’s right Logan its wake up time it’s time
have some fun what’s up low again how’d you sleep not
well no this was actually one of the harder places to sleep probably because
I only ate candy that definitely didn’t help me sleep and obviously the lights
are extremely bright did you just use the intercom I did man just like the
perfect way to wake you up and looks like it did the trick but guys it is a
brand new day another day here and I think this now that we have successfully
completed the challenge is where we’re gonna wrap up the video for today if you
guys did enjoy this video do not forget to smack that like button down below and
if you happen to be brand new to the Pappa Jake family hit the subscribe
button so you never miss another awesome video like this and we will see you guys
next time for another amazing video

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