we now need to put this thing this
massive monstrosity of a house inside this pool as the days passed I knew I
had done something so wrong I had failed myself and others I knew that the only
way to redemption only ready to truly redeem myself was I had to go back I had
to complete what I started and to do that uh all those tastes horrible didn’t
yeah yeah anyway I knew I had to do it again if I was gonna complete the
mission I started hey kid get out of my yard
uh sorry just just on a Vision Quest I’m not my dad so if I was gonna complete
the mission I started I needed to do the two-story floating box for once more
and this time I could not fail because this time got it okay got it I know what we need
to do now I don’t care what are you doing bathroom we need to build another
two-story floating box fort right now hey-oh what’s going on everyone it’s
Pappa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are pushing
the limits of physics and science to a whole new level
isn’t that right professor Logan it’s a bad idea Logan is a professional
professor of architecture as well as safety with the safety rating on this
one because guys we are gonna be building a two-story floating box for it
now a couple of you oh gee hashtag oh gee down below if you remember our last
two storey floating box for it it didn’t end too well to start folding box sports
either hard to make their heart to balance and we’ll take just think about
it it’s gonna be so tall one priority that’s why we’re gonna use the parachute
that we built in our parachute challenge video but if you guys are brand new to
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the Pappa Jake fam we have over 6 million people in it guys actually have
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just crazy guys thank you so much so let’s go for seven guys tell your
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but guys we need to start building this thing is it just me or do I hear air
coming on the floaties oh it’s kind of oh no oh no oh we got a serious issue
here Boise girls there’s air coming out oh I see I see I see the hole I see the
hole it’s right there oh wow that’s not the optimal place to have a hole anyways
we need to fix that hole and then what we’re gonna do is we’re centrally going
to fill the base layer up with cardboard and then put two tables on top I don’t
have two tables side by side so we can actually like a big second-story you
know go up there have your breakfast maybe sleep it’s gonna be like a massive
cruise ship Jake you’re a madman okay so already this challenge is off to a
bad start we have a leaking hole in one of the floaties and we are doing the
tallest box for it one of the most dangerous box fourths and let alone a
two-story box for alright well the good thing is you’ve got dr. Papa Jake here
doctor in fixing floaties and I found this sticky stuff here so hi I’m going
to find this hole hopefully this little piece of whatever this is will be enough
to save us from sinking an entire two-story floating box board this
floaties is officially toast there’s no repairing it so we went out and we
bought another floaties which we have right here but as you guys can see we
have the base layer down we put a base layer of cardboard to protect the
floaties from the wood and now we’re adding a layer of solid wood and then on
top of this we’re gonna put another layer of cardboard so it’s even thicker
and then we can build our 2-story house around it also we changed up the
formation for this for it instead of doing a super long floaty we made it
very Y adding a 2-story house to this is going to be very interesting to get into
the pool you know what’s also interesting Logan now that we have an
extra floaties when I say we’ll see you guys in a little bit I can add an epic
explosion in front of it a base layer down now it is time for the
second story which we’re using of course our tables here so this is going to be
on top of the raft well that’s also going to be floating on water so it’s
gonna be this this can’t end well so we’re gonna have two tables this time
we’re gonna have this one in that one so we can have a proper top story that we
can kind of walk around on hopefully my worry is that like we don’t like miss
the balance and the whole ship just kind of falls like this and sinks but if it
all goes as planned we’ll have an under part and a top part and a two story
floating box for Oh guys this can’t be a good idea too big to go like this so
we’re creating like an l-shape wraparound second-story that you could
technically walk from this staircase all the way around here look out the windows
enjoy the view and then come back down into the living quarters down there plus
an underside below this if you fall forward we got start carpooling this
guy’s this is a challenge so whether or not we make it work we got to try our
best alright guys so update for you we’ve been working on the two-story box
for for a little while now and as you guys can see this thing is absolutely
massive this might be the hardest challenge we have ever completed well we
don’t even know if we’re gonna complete it it’s too big like guys we’re looking
at this thing and we’re laughing like one eye I don’t know how we’re gonna get
this thing in the pool but even if we do get it in the pool after just saw the
wind up top is so strong that they might just blow this thing over let alone blow
us out of the pool and really windy all of a sudden I don’t know if this is a
good idea guys we were building houses before now we’re building skyscrapers
this is just yeah I don’t know alright guys we have our first window
and now we’re gonna put another here and a door all right here we go we got ourselves
the door this is the entrance to the grandiose two-story box for which we’re
looking pretty good I mean you just look at the size of this thing guys it is
absolutely massive this is something that we would build inside and be like
this is pretty big but now we’re putting it in water well hopefully Logan we now
need to put this thing this massive monstrosity of a house inside this pool
cross your fingers smack that like button a chest lock put a hash tag I
believe in the commets we need everyone’s help on this this is gonna be
pretty difficult looking we may need someone to help us move this thing
that’s why I call her Fred Oh which which friend box man you invited box man
yes Logan Bachmann is like the strongest thing in the world he’s like the Hulk of
box sports geek why would you invite him it’s he doesn’t even talk he just makes
weird noises that’s why I love him Logan box man
dude areas right now Jake what’s what’s he saying I don’t know that’s beauty box
man you don’t know what he’s saying but see it’s always something for the thumbs
up or a box man we need you to help us lift this and get in the water boat box oh my goodness I didn’t think you would
work the double-decker the two-story box man thank you so much you don’t want to
finish it completely while I was outside the pool could just get way too heavy to
move in so hopefully I don’t sink this thing you ready dude let’s see it open
the door bring it over to the dock okay got a duck down here a little bit yo I’m
in the two-story floating box for it guys literally if you didn’t know any
better right now you’d be like Jake you’re just standing downstairs in your
basement and a regular box for oh dude this is crazy rocking the boat we’re
gonna have the roof which will cover the top here and then what I want to do is I
want to have different siding here so it actually like divides is up so like in
here for example this would be its own room and then if you wanted to go up to
the second story you’d walk up the stairs which we
haven’t done yet will there be stairs here I feel like I’m seasick before we
do anything else it’s kind of falling apart so we’re gonna do some repairs
alright guys we have the staircase installed here Logan’s mixing up some
stuff as you can see it’s got a nice open roof right now I don’t know if
we’re gonna be able to get the roof completely on because it is super windy
but I do want to go up to the second story and this is where things get a
little weird it’s the first time Oh No Logan’s so scared Jake no freak you guys
look at this two-story floating box fort yo check this Jake imagine we installed
like a diving board you could just jump oh that would be so sick yo a diving
board up here we give you like actual backflips and stuff hey guys of course
if you want us to turn this and continue this sport by making it bigger into a
cruise ship then smack that like button down below let’s try and crash 50,000
likes and we will expand the sport and turn it into an epic cruise ship I don’t
even know how we’d expand this ship it’s pretty vague could add another floaties
on top of this and make it a little bit wider and also for sure get a roof on
here Plus do the dividers that I want to do we’re spinning the wind picks up man
this thing gets deadly so if you guys want us to turn this into a cruise ship
and living it for 24 hours smack that like button I’m exiting the box where
Jake is doing guys just look how massive this thing is okay guys we are upstairs
right now because I want to show you just how big this thing looks and you
know surprise Jake with a flurry of Nerf darts it is literally like a floating
house just sitting there all right Logan thinks he can mess with
us just wait until we pull the trick out this Ford this was a massive success in
a massive bill that all came together looking really awesome I mean just look
at this I’m literally walking around on the second story
how crazy is that but anyway guys this of course has been Papa Jake and float
and Logan and we will see you guys next time for another awesome video

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